Where is the brass ?

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    I never had a problem finding Privi brass for my 7.62X54R Mosin rifle until recently.I gave a rifle to my cousin that more or less got me started handloading.He never was much interested in Military rifles as I was until recently and wanted to handload for the one I give him.Everywhere you look Privi is sold out and you see the Lapua and Norma brass for around $40.00 for 20 pieces.My cousin has been getting cancer treatments for awhile and I really want him to get the best out of the rifle before his time is up and he is in the ground.Anyone know where to find Privi where they still have some instead of saying sold out ?
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    I looked there last night and found everything but 7.62X54R.I think they said he may have another year or better and gets treatments every week so kind of wants to play with it and kill a Deer this fall so trying to keep prices down somewhat but Mooseman684 that is a good price for Lapua,just retired and they cut his colon out and then found tumors in both lungs so he was looking for Privi at Graf's and Midway all sold out but will check out Buffalo Arms,Thanks.Dakoma