Where, oh where, is the BP9CC?

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    A few weeks ago, against my better judgement, I took a stroll through Gander Mountain's "Gun World" on my way home from work. I recently received my CCW permit, and although I have every intention of carrying my Beretta PX4 9mm sub, I figured it couldn't hurt to look. I nearly bought a Bersa Thunder 9 from GM some time ago, and their Bersa prices were in-line with online sellers. However, it was the BP9CC - their single-stack compact 9mm - that caught my eye. While I have no experience actually firing a Bersa, the dimensions, weight and grip all appealed to me immediately.

    Unfortunately, GM is WAY off the mark on this one, charging $40-50 more than what I'm seeing online. Worse yet, nobody seems to have the BP9CCs in stock, they were nowhere to be seen at the last two large gun shows I attended, and local dealers are unable to get any through their distributors. Are there so many good reviews on these guns that nobody can keep them in stock, or does Bersa suffer from the same backlog that other manufacturers are?

    The hunt continues, but if anyone has experience with this model, let me know what you think of it.
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    Here's an idea. After you order the Bersa online and pay shipping/FFL charge, you're going to end up very close to that amount anyway. Go ahead and get it.
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    They are hard to find because Bersa can't keep up with the demand. You won't find many reviews in magazines because Bersa doesn't advertise.
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    I have one and it is a very good one 31/2 trigger pull but no safety no hammer but it is easy to carry and easy to shoot all I did I went to a gun shop and he order it for me
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    I would like this twice if I could.

    I can't tell you how many transfers I have done for people who wanted to save money, and the whole process cost them far more than if they bought it from us to begin with.

    We had two people within one month buy Heritage Arms .22 Rough Riders online for $99 "on sale", paid an additional $20 to $30 shipping, and then paid for the $30 transfer fee.

    The exact same gun was in my case at $137.50 tax and all, and if they had had the patience to wait until Thanksgiving they could have bought the same thing at Academy for $99 plus tax and saved all the rest of that money.

    I had another guy transfer a Henry Big Boy he got USED for $720 plus $43 shipping and handling, plus our $30 transfer fee.

    At the time we were selling them NEW for $770, and we didn't go up to $790 on them until a few months ago.

    That BP9C would run $267.39 in our store ($294.13 with tax). Bud's is selling them for a cash price of $253 plus free shipping. Throw in the transfer fee (and I'm not sure what they are in your area, but here we're $10-$20 cheaper than any store in the Greater Birmingham area) and that Bud's gun would cost you $283. You'd save $11.13 on the Bud's gun thanks to tax, but you'd actually lose money on the deal with almost any competitor we have. If you used a credit card instead of taking the cash deal, you'd be worse off everywhere.
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    Wow, almost seven years later and a long absence from G&G, I happened upon my old thread. I did end up buying a BP9cc from a local shop (not Gander) and carried for a couple of years, until it started developing trigger issues. The first authorized warranty provider I took it to pretty much took it apart, reassembled it and said they weren't really familiar with the BP9cc. Taking it elsewhere actually made things worse, as it came back in worse condition, looking to have been dropped or otherwise damaged. Two more trips in for service, this time to an out-of-state provider who discussed the gun's issues with me in-depth over the phone, and Bersa sent me a brand new BP9cc.

    Shortly after all this, a hand injury left me much more sensitive to recoil and thus considering something a bit heftier that could mitigate the recoil. As a result, I put an end to my BP9cc experiment, trading it in and ultimately going with a Sig Sauer P239 that has proven more comfortable to me post-injury. I am convinced that if I'd sent my Bersa in to the third warranty provider in the first place, the trigger issues would have been resolved, but I chose wrong in that regard. I wouldn't steer anyone away from a BP9cc, as I found it to be accurate and pleasant to shoot during the time I carried it. It simply was no longer appropriate for my needs.