where to buy a saiga 12?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Amarksman, May 6, 2008.

  1. Amarksman

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    Anyone know? Centerfire has been on backorder for months, and atlantic is out of stock as well. Also I really dont want to pay the rediculous prices on gunbroker.
  2. Aarant

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    might try Impact arms.
    Impact Guns Online Store

    If you have the link to the places you mentioned can you send me a post. I'm always looking for places I can look up guns and prices. Thanks

  3. pretty much every place is back ordered.

    From what i understand is that Izmash is retooling their factories and supply is nil, but should be done pretty soon.

    If you can hold off on buying a used one till a new supply comes in from mother russia you can save yourself some money.
  4. damage855

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    Last couple of gunshows I have been two had several.
  5. meatloaf

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    sorry bro I was able to buy mine because I work at the gun store and took the delivery. In all honesty there are better shotguns out there for less. Now I am not saying they are junk but IMHO they need to add some stuff to the gun to make it worth the price. Mine came with a cheesy hollow plastic stock wich made me realy not like the gun first off. They also dont come with a bolt hold open mechanism, which makes it a pain in the *** to load the next magazine. In order to load a full mag you have to put the gun on your knee so you can hold the bolt back then you have to guide the first round in to the chamber and get the hook on the front of the mag to line up, then you release the bolt and you are ready to go. With out a bolt hold open loading time takes as long as a standard tube fed shotgun. Realisticly load time should be in the favor of a mag fed magazine, and its not. If the iszshmash factory started producing shot guns with decent stalks and the standard bolt hold open then this gun may be worth the price. As it stands right now I am dissapointed with the gun.
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    Sorry to hear that meatloaf. From what I have read at the saiga 12 forum, you can do some sort of conversion so it takes normal AK stocks, and I am pretty sure I remember reading that you can do something about the bolt hold open feature. I have some more research to do, but hopefully once Izmash sends some more over, hopefully the prices will be reasonable, and at that point I will buy one.
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