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  1. My brother-in-law gave me two autographed baseballs. One is a Dodgers ball signed by Raul Mondesi. The other is a Pittburgh Pirates ball autographed by some old team. The only name I recognize is Roberto Clemente. Others look like Smokey Burgess, Harvey Haddix and Bob Friend. There are about 25 autographs on that one.

    Any ideas where I can get more information on how old these are and what they are worth?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry I can't help but you must be wanting to buy a gun ?
    See if you can, trade them in ...A.H

  3. That's it. I have little use for autographed baseballs. Guns, on the other hand . . .
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    hmm i bet those are worth at least a decent amount. I know when i was young i used to buy baseball card magazines, Beckett. They had all kinds of card values and i think autograph values in the back. I would suggest going to a local sports memorabilia store and see what they will give you for them. I would figure out what year the pirates ball is too i don't know much about them but if it is a championship team or something that could be some pretty big bucks i would imagine.
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    The best place is a Card Trading shop / Baseball cards and Memoribilia...
    Try e-mailing Chris Los.<[email protected] >