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Mossberg Where to get a replacement stock

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by Brownbox80, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Brownbox80

    Brownbox80 G&G Newbie

    I recently received the gun I learned on from my Grandpa. It is a 46M (b) and I have a a lot of found memories with this gun but the stock is broke. Is there any places that offer replacement stock for these old guns? I would prefer a used stock in good condition but am open to all ideas.

    Thanks for you help.
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  2. Silver 83

    Silver 83 G&G Addict

    Try the gun auctions like and in the gun parts sections.

  3. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    HAVLINSALES.COM is a possibilty. Vic Havlin is THE Mossberg guy, and has some old parts.