Which .22 magnum to get?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nc.hunter, May 25, 2008.

  1. nc.hunter

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    Between the Henry lever action .22 magnum : $372.10
    and the Remington model 597 semi-automatic .22 magnum : $371.84, which one would you get. I have heard both guns are great, Plus the .22 magnum is a great little cartridge.
  2. Ron AKA

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    I have a friend who had major problems (very poor accuracy and misfires) with the 597. He took it back and they accepted it as a lemon. Others report the 597 works well... I guess you take your chances. Not familiar with the Henry, but if accuracy is a concern I would be looking at bolt actions instead of lever or semi.

  3. I would personally go with a Savage bolt action .22 mag. I have a Savage Mark 2F in .22 LR and its the most accurate .22 ive ever shot. It also feels perfect in my arms and hands. The accutrigger is a great feature. I am not sure what the mark 2F costs in .22 mag but I paid like $159 for my mark 2f a few months ago.
  4. Big Dog

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    Of the two choices given, my money would be on the Henry. But you'll get better accuracy and hunting performance with the Marlin bolt rifle.
    The Henry would be mighty great fun in a field full of bunnies though..... :scool:
  5. Boy, I have to go along with the other vote for the Savage. I bought the BTVS thumbhole laminated stock, and I'm so happy I did. It is extremely accurate; sub MOA @ 100 yards! And I really have'nt spent enough time determining it's favorite load yet; however, it does prefer the 40 grain CCI's so far. I was able to shoot about 2 1/2" groups @ 240 yards last year off of a bipod, and the hood of my car; can't wait to see how it performs on the bench with proper bags, equip. etc.... good luck on your decsion.
  6. cant go wrong with the henry, smoothest action on the planet
  7. bigbuddy21

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    i have the henry golden boy and it is one of the best rifles that i've ever shot.
    check out my range report post in the powderkeg forum.
    and the next rifle that i'm getting is the HENRY BIGBOY in .44mag
  8. I own a Marlin 22 magnum BUT with the amount of money you have to spend take a look at the CZ line of rim fires.
    Don't buy the Remington and if you'll be happy with a leveraction spring for the Henry but I wonder if there accurate.
    I received next months Out Door Life in the mail today and one of the Thumbhole stocked SAVAGES 22 rimfires won the 2008 Editors choice award.
    The one tested consistantly shot within a 1/4 and less with several brands of ammo.
    Thats accurate wouldn't you think ?
    I'll go get the magazine and see what model it is, I'll be right back ! LOL !!!
    O.K. It's a Savage Mark II and it's just a 22 rim fire. Let me fetch my 2008 Savage catolog and see if it come's in 22 magnum...I'll be right back !
    Well I looked in the new catolog and because the prints so small I couldn't tell if they had a 22 magnum in a Mark II but I'm sure they do.
    My magnifien glass is in my wife and I's bedroom and I don't dare go in there looking for it.
    I if woke her up she might hurt me, so go to Savages website and take a look.
    Thank you for this oppertunity to post this information...A.H
  9. Lizard

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    I'm looking at a .22 Mag for my next purchase. I'll go with a Savage. They're a lot less money than the ones you're looking at and I trust the accuracy of the Savage bolt action.

    Wally has them in the straight rifle for $200 and the FV (synthetic stock, varmint barrel) for $225. They don't have the .22 Mag in the BTVS model, but their BTVS in .17 HMR is $350, so that should be the same price for the .22 Mag in the BTVS, all you have to do is ask them to order it for you.
  10. Billyz

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    Got to love the lever. Get the Henry (i want one).
  11. samuel

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    I,ll vote for the Marlin,mainly because I have no experience with the Savage.A.H.,you are the most cowardly man that ever dressed in long pants!What are you afraid of?She will probably bop you anyway,with or without a reason.I am used to it and my wife no longer scares me.(much). sam.
  12. I feel the Henry would be the better buy . . .

    . . . as this company really pushes quality control over quantity and their lever actions are very well designed.

    If you really want the .22 mag good for you but just thought I would mention .22 lr's are much more affordable.

    Good luck and good shooting.
  13. 22 mag autoloaders have always had a hinky reputation, Ruger just flat gave up on it after making their 10-22 in 22 mag, couldn't iron out the bugs. Go with a lever or bolt action.
  14. oldjarhead

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    Check out the Savage...great quality, great price, great accuracy, and great customer service.
    Savage Arms

    Have a great day!
  15. Rex in OTZ

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    Taurus & Rossi Pump .22mag's have been a main stay for bush camp rifles here for as long as i can remember, simple & accurate. they come in carbine & rifle lengths and stainless models also.
  16. sell33

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    I choose....NEITHER! If you want accuracy go with a bolt gun. I woudl get a savage or a ruger 77/22 mag. A little more pricey than the two listed but i have one and love it, shoots like a dream.


    Weren't you just asking about a 204 in another thread or was that someone else??? did you find KnightRider's money tree!!!?????
  17. wily1

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    I have a nice Winchester Model 275 pump action .22 mag. It is still one of my favs, the only thing that being a pump it is not super accurate. My sweetie got me a nice .22 scope for it at Xmas but needless to say I prefer to shoot it with open sights. So at 25 to 50 yds a great little gun. I have debated trading/selling it to get a bolt action .22 mag, but sometimes a pump or lever with open sights is ideal for the quick shots. So got my Marlin dl .22 at the gun shop to fit it for a 1" scope, unless I can talk her into getting me a new .22 for my birthday lol.

    So what I am trying to say is if you want accuracy a bolt is your best choice. I would love one of the Henry Lever actions just for the way they look.