Which .22 Pistol?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JMcDonald, May 22, 2008.

  1. JMcDonald

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    Looking for something just for shooting and practicing, but is also small enough to be carried if I ever want to. Also, I am mostly concerned about inherent flaws. Anything that can be easily fixed (polish here, oil there, etc) won't bother me so much.

    Walther P22. This one is my favorite looks-wise, but I hear some sa its not quite worth its price tag.

    Berreta Neos. This one is obviously a bit big for what I was looking for, but I hear it is very reliable and accurate so I might be able to make an exception if I can't find anything else.

    Taurus PT22. I have mixed reviews about it. (however, most of the bad ones involved a not-so-good product with good customer service).

    SIGSAUER Mosquito. I have heard mixed reviews about this, and that overall it is not a better choice than the Walther.

    ---The four above are easily available locally.

    Phoenix HP22. I have heard mixed reviews about this, though it is cheap which is a plus I suppose.

    S&W 22a. I also haven't heard alot of good about this.

    Those are what I can think of that Ive looked at. There are obviously others, but most are much too expensive for me. Even the Walther would make me cringe a bit as I hand my card to the cashier. Again, however, if everyone says Walther than that is what Id get.

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  2. mosquitofish

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    I have Ruger MK II . puts um' where you want them. MK III are the current model. nice price as well.

  3. JMcDonald

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    But that's a few hundred more than Id really like to pay...
  4. musicmaniac

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    A good MKII can be had for less than the Walther. While I have never fired the Walther, I have held one and didn't like it at all. Too light for me. And I have heard they are pretty picky on what ammo you feed them, but that could be heresay as I haven't shot one. My dad's MKII on the other hand, has eaten up anything we feed it and is super accurate. His is the 5.5in bull barrel model. Great pistol for a good price. If you look around you can find them used for a pretty reasonable price.
  5. JMcDonald

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    Oh, you're right, I didn't know some Rugers were that cheap. Still, the Rugers, like the Berreta, are a bit big for what I want. By "carry" I mean concealed.

    And, I have been reading about the P22's pickiness, but Ill have to see what is said about the other pistols. Putting all the bad info together, it sounds like if I stick to 40gr bullets and supersonic velocities I should be ok (which is what I intended to do anyways). And, if I were to carry one it would be wth some of the 40gr, 1500ft/s rounds.


    And Id also consider the Firestorm 22.

    *edit again*

    Oh, I didn't know Rugers were available in this price range. I thought they were all like $500+. Ill have to see if I can find some locally. However, I don't like the way they look very much, so it still isn't high up on my list.

    Gah... when it comes to .22s most of them are not very good quality. I havent found a single one that has even near the reputation of the Ruger. That is disappointing because I dont like the way the Rugers look at all, heh.

    The next best thing in realibility of the ones Ive looked at so far have been the Beretta Neos, which like I said is a bit big for what I want. Besides, in my eyes it is only a couple notches better than the Rugers aesthetically... For the ones I like, it seems the Phoenix HP22 is probably one of the best deals for the money, as it sounds about as reliable as most other compact .22s and their customer service sounds pretty good also. The Bersa Firestorm also sounds pretty good.
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  6. SwedeSteve

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    Look at revolvers...
  7. JMcDonald

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    What are some good ones with at least 8 shots? What are the highest capacity ones?


    I just bought a Walther P22 and gave $325 for it here in Texas. It's a sweet handling pistol. My only gripe is the grip is short, not too short, as my little finger only has half as much room as is usual.
  9. Rugers are the way to go! Look at the Bear Cat and The Mark II.
  10. my dad got himself an arminius .22lr 9 shot revolver for 100 bucks

    my oldwer brother picked up the same gun almost (made by NEF) for the same price tag

    great for target mostly, but you could carry i suppose
  11. I have 3 suggestions for you. Ruger, Ruger, and Ruger. Priced right will last forever and great accuracy.
  12. squirrelblaster

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    bearcat is to small for my hand try a mark II or III or even better a single six! but ruger is the best for 22 pistols
  13. LiveToShoot

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    How about the Browning Buck Mark 22 pistol...?
    Browning Buck Mark Pistols, Product

    I've always been a Ruger Mark II/III pistol fan, I even like the Walther too...but, the Browning and I seem to get along really well. It'll be nice when I get other items taken care of and a new Browning rests in my hand, ready for serious 22lr shooting...
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  14. GLS_okie

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    I have three (3) 22 rimfire handguns. They are the Browning Buckmark, the Ruger Gov't Target Model and Ruger Single-Six. I'd endorse any of them for ownership.

    The Single-Six has the advantage of extra 22mag cylinder, the ability to fire any of the 22 cartidges, from BB Cap to hypersonics.

  15. For $200 the taurus .22 is a nifty little pocket pistol, the one I had was reliable and I thought it was the perfect size, ultra concealable but big enough to hold and shoot easily. I plan to buy another someday.
  16. big boomer

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    I have the taurus but if I was going to trust my life to a 22 it would be a revolver, I was shooting a Smith stainless of a friends and it is one sweet gun, wish it was mine.
  17. SwedeSteve

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  18. Hello Steve,
    I have a Sig mosquito in tu-tone and it shoots very well. I gave 300 for it and would do so again. I have several Sig's and I really like the way they field strip and cleanup. The pistol shoots better than I can. I did shoot a snapper turtle the other day in a pond, approx 30 feet and 3 shots in the face of the turtle did the trick.
  19. Of the ones you mentioned, I own the PT22 and a Beretta Neos. I also have a Ruger 22/45 and a Browning Buckmark. The PT22 is fine for small stuff. The ex bought that one a couple of years ago because she thought it was cute and had pink grips. The Neos sits fine in the hand and is a decent shooter. The Buckmark is probably my favorite of the bunch.
  20. im a begginer to pistols but i got a ruger simiauto .22 lr and i realy liked it