which 8mm to buy?

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    I've decided that my turkish mauser is getting lonely in my closet and needs some company. I'm debating between an m48 yugo, the excellent german mausers i saw on sog's website, or a czech mauser, cause i've heard they are very high quality. unfortunately i can't buy all of them. what you all think?
  2. There are many guns lumped into the 'mauser' folder.

    I swear by my Carl Gustaf M1896 6.5 x 55........period.

    Runner up is my Yugo, unissued, M48A.

    You're gonna pay more for a Swedish gun by the quality is unsurpassed!
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  3. Klaus

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    The M48 is still a great deal.
  4. Gus L.

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  5. I agree, Klaus.

    I mistakingly put the wrong model number in my initial reply.

    One thing I like about the 48 and 48A is the angeled bolt lever which allows tapping and mounting a scope without bolt modification.

    If you look closely at the bolt and action you see where some American manufacturers got their ideas and then you understand why the similarity in looks.

    The only problem is with ammo. If you're content in buying old corrosive stuff you're fairly well set.

    But, if you want modern brass, such as S&B you're going to pay more than, say, 7.62 x 39, .223 or even 7.62 x 54, for that matter.

    I'm hoping the number of 8MM guns out there will increase and justify production by, perhaps, American manufacturers or even Russian, etc. Then, perhaps the price of ammo will come down some.

    The 48 or 48A is a very good quality rifle, indeed.

    I'm not really sure what the difference between the 48 and the 48A is yet, other than the 48A is slightly less expensive and you can find more unissued than with the 48.
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  6. lefty o

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    nothing wrong with any of them, personally i like the germans.
  7. Big Dog

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    Depends on what you want it for. As a good basic shooter, my M48A can't be beat.
    For some historical value, I'd go with a nice Czech Vz24, especially if you can get the one with the Lion Crest intact. If you have the M38 Turk, a good companion is the M98/22 - Czech made for the Turks. Superb workmanship, and good military history.
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    I tend to lean toward the German model 98s for the historical interest, but I also have an M-48A that is an excellent shooter.
  9. I have a couple of the vz24's and they are great guns with excellent machining and craftmanship. Its almost a shame to have the nice barrels covered up with the full length stock and handguard.
    As far as the ammo goes, I've been using the Turkish surplus. Its cheap and shoots really good.
    I had a Geman mauser that had all the swastikas and a laminated stock. Super nice gun, but I think the vz24's are better machined.
  10. fit and finish was excellent on any German Mauser you buy even the late war rifles, i have a 1941 German, and the action is unbelivably smooth with great accuracy to boot, the only problem i have with the M48's is the actions are really though at first, it's been my experience that it takes around 500 to 1000rds. to break them in and smooth up the action.
    The Vz24's are really nice rifes, but most seem to be in rough shape but i always see a real nice one every once in awhile, you just have to keep an eye out.
  11. You do have a point there 8mm. I've only put about 60-80 rounds through my M48A so far. The action is a little tight but nothing I would sweat.

    Now, on the other hand, I took my unissued Russian 91/30 out Tuesday and that thing has a tight bolt, especially on top of the bolt roll that drove me nuts. I had to bring the gun down off the rest and use the palm of my hand and slap it the rest of the way up.

    Mosins are commonly known for their loose bolts but I guess on an unissued tightness is expected.

    I do believe my next will be a vz like snakebite was talking about.
  12. 8mm is right about a lot of them being a little beat up. I'm lucky because I live right around the corner from a Big 5 store and have gotten to know the manager. He lets me open all the boxes and hand pick them.
    Another store here has an absolutely gorgeous Persian Vz. It is the nicest mauser I've seen. I believe it has to be unissued because it has some of the nicest blueing and wood and looks cool with all that Persian writing on it--even engraved it the stock. They want $300 for it. Its probably worth that much, but not to me.
    The Vz's are the only rifles that I've been able to consistently put all five rounds in the center circle of the target.
    All this talk about mausers makes me wanna go look for another....see ya. Gotta go!
  13. Snakebite,

    I paid $219 for my M48A unissued. To some that would be a bit high but I'm very happy with the gun. The bluing is flawless and the stock is walnut colored and no digs or dings in it (except for a very small one net to the rear sight).

    In fact, my wife and I went to the range today and I took it along for her to shoot. I ended up shooting it again, as well.

    I can't imagine any soldier having to shoot that dang shoulder breaker for very long.

    I have bruises on top of bruises now. And she is complaining of a sore shoulder. But, she smiled and said, "I shot it....didn't I"?

    That dang thing puts out noise bellow to the likes I haven't heard from many other guns. It shoots high at 100 yards and I am looking for a front sight blank for it but, so far, no luck.

    But, like I said....my Carl Gustaf is my numero uno mauser and then my 48A next....yepper.....fer sure.
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    soliders must have been a lot tougher back then to shoot guns like that for so long. especially shooting a 98k at hordes or russians.or back in the civil war would be even worse. as much as i don't like my M16, it does have one advantage. an m44 is pretty loud too, and kicks like a mule. i like m48s better.
  15. Shaun

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    there are decent M48'a for $69.99 at CdnnInvestments.com I just bought 2 nice one's last week
  16. Those M48As are one shootin' mutha! I still got the bruises to prove it.

    Even the K98 big brother is a wise investment.