Which Case Trimmer?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by beaurt, Mar 24, 2002.

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    I have been reloading off and on for quite a few years. I have only loaded for hunting and such, so I usyally only cranked out twenty/thirty rounds at a whack. Usually I rely on Lee trimmers to do case prep work. However, I'm loading/converting some 6.5 Swede brass to 7.5 French and i need a good case trimmer (Lee does not have the trimmer for the Frenchie round). So I'm in the market for a good manually operated case trimmer (read non electric). Who makes a good versatile trimmer that will not break the bank? I had an old Lyman trimmer many years ago that would not stay set and trim the brass too much. I figure that RCBS or a new Lyman will work, but I need some thoughts from the peanut gallery before I make a selection. Thanks for any replies.
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    I just bought a Lyman Acculine trimmer and trimmed 1000 45acp rounds all where very consistent. The part I like most is that I can use my Lee shell holders. It came with 9 pilots but the pilots only run about $3. I realy like it. It cost me $40 but I think it will be worth it. Best of luck to you in what ever you choose.

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    Lee will make you a cutom pilot/case length guage for your trimmer for $15. They are available factory direct only and you'll need to provide exact case length and bullet diameter.