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    With the current offerings(inventory listed) of the CMP which gun would you more knowledgeable amigos purchase? I don't have the link handy to list what inventory they have or I'd post it here. I can't decide on the M1 or the 1903 or which one of those models to choose from or which to stay away from. I heard that some of the M1's with low numbers have brittle actions.

    thanks for any information.
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    Go for the Service Grade M1 Garand. They have a bunch available and the Garand is a great semi-auto rifle.

    The 1903 rifles are bolt actions. Those are the ones you mention with brittle receivers. The CMP site has info on the serial numbers to stay away from for shooting.


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    Only early 1903 Springfeilds have the brittle or too hard receivers. If you stay above 880xxx in the serial # you are fine., and they had the hardening and metalurgy problems worked out.
    Just that one is bolt action the other semi auto. Get one of each, you cant go wrong. You will love each one of these classic military rifles as much as I love mine. Plus if you buy both you then have a collection and you can't go wrong with that.
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  4. If you want just one rifle and plan to do a lot of shooting, get an SG M1 Garand or Dane (for $100 less). If you do want a 1903 and want one in decent condition, order a Remington '03 or 03A3. With the high-numbered Springfield or Rock Island, you take a big chance. A few have been coming in correct condition, but most are mixmasters. Stay away from the C stocks - many of them have been coming in terrible condition.

    As far as "brittle" serial numbers, all Springfields above #800,000 and Rock Island above 285,507 are safe. ALL Remingtons and Smith-Coronas are OK (headspace and other safety features being check, of course).

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    The mother of all questions you have asked.

    I had this very question in my mind for months.

    The A3-03 is the better sniper rifle.

    The M1 is a better battle rifle.

    What are you gonna use it for?

    If you think your going to get one for bad times and you buy it from the CMP or anyone else that holds paperwork connecting an ex-military firearm to you, don't bother.

    The govenerment has the right to recall any prior military firearms.

    I bought mine from a dead man, he bought it from the goverenment. It no long exsists on any resistry :)
  6. I would disagree with Dean R. Miltech provides "pretty" rifles at a very high price with almost no collectability. A CMP M1 is a much better deal. It also may not be collectable, but a much lower price and probably just as much "shootability".

    No flame intended - just my .02.
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    Well the CMP lists several variations for the M1 and the 1903's. Theres the M1 service grade, rack grade, the M1C, the M1D, so forth and so on. Then throw in the Danish versions, the different manufacturers(winchester, IH, springfield,etc) Most of the posts here and in the 1903 section say go for the M1 because the 03 are of poor quality for the price which makes the M1 a better deal.
    I know this is a piece of history but the price seems a little high compared to a new Rem. 30-06. I'm really behind the curve when it comes to M1 and 03 knowledge. Any guidance would be appreciated. I've found that I qualify to buy one but the problem is which one
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    What do you want to use your rifle for? Plinking at the range? If so get a M1, its easier on the shoulder. Hunting? Get an 03A3 it can handle different loads better. Both can be very accurate. Mostly what it boils down to is; do you want a semi-auto, or a bolt action? In my humble opinion get a Garand.
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    Well what I'm interested in is a shooter. The part that I need some advice for is that both of these guns have so many variations, manufacturers, designations etc. Should I get a International Harvester with low serial # in Rack Grade or should I get a Danish version with a Var barrel in Service grade? The M1's have M1D's and M1C's just to throw some more variations in there. I like to but an M1 or the 03 to own a piece of history, possible to shoot some matchs(with out tricking them out extremely), and just be an everyday shooter.

    Some of the inputs I've read here from past posts indicated that for the money the Danish M1 is the way to go and if you get the VAR barrel well that gravey. I guess I'm leaning toward that Danish version.
  10. Rooster --

    The M-1C and D are sniper rifles that have the scopes mounted on the rifle. The are very collectable and are a lot of money. I would check out www.garandguy.com . He has excellant rifles(provided you dont use bullshit ammo) that work very well and are like new. Check it out.
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    For pure shooting enjoyment, go with the Garand. In my experience the bolt actions kick much more than the Garands. A day at the range with a Garand is much more enjoyable! Buy a Dane with the VAR barrel, you won't be sorry. My first Garand was the Dane SA with the VAR barrel, I love it. For the money, the Dane is the way to go!!