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Which M1A

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by beaurt, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. beaurt

    beaurt G&G Newbie

    Looking at getting an M1A, but have a couple of questions. What model should I get if I want 1MOA accuracy; cost is a factor. Is the standard rifle cabable of that accuracy at 100m with stock ammo or handloads? Second, do all the M1As have real flash hiders, or are they the sleved kind that you find on the rebuilt FALs these days? Thanks for any replies.
  2. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    bought mine back in 77. the standard model as it was closest to what i had in the army. more accurate than i ever will be:p :p :p

  3. Jim Messer

    Jim Messer G&G Newbie

    I know they make several models. Some are as a Standard Rifle, sort of like GI issue. Some have a stainless barrel. Some have double lugged receiver with match sights, op rod, ,flash hider, etc. I guess the more you spend the better accuracy you would expect, but I have seen several of the Standard Rifles shoot really well. If not 1 moa then close. It all depends on the shooter and the ammo. I guess handloads would be something to think about. Then you would not have to buy the match ammo which is pretty expensive. As for the flash hider, mine looks like the GI except the boyonet lug is milled off. I bought mine last year. It was the loaded model. It came with match sights, flash hider and trigger group and laminated stock. With the loaded rifles you get some coupons for a discount on some accessories. I opted for a scope and mount for about $135.00. You had to send them (SA) you sales receipt and coupon included with rifle. That has been 5 months ago and I have still not seen scope or mount. I have not had much luck either email or phone with SA finding out what is taking so long. All I get is "Back ordered & will be shipped when we get some more in". I will wait patiently. The rifle shoots really well. I have not had a problem of any kind. I even shoot cast bullets that I reload and the thing works fine. I have never had a problem with leading or clogging of gas port. I gave $1700.00 for the rifle with 1 ten round mag. Since then I have gathered up 10 more 20 rounders for $35.00 each at a gun show. Seems like there are plenty of parts out there should you need something. I think Springfield has a good warranty, also. Good luck on your choice and have fun--
  4. beaurt
    Hope that you find what you're wishing for. Check this pic.
  5. beaurt
    Hope that you find what you're wishing for. Check this pic.
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