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Discussion in 'Marlin' started by SwedeSteve, May 8, 2008.

  1. SwedeSteve

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    If I was looking for a spiffy little 22LR that you don't see much more, which model would I look for?
  2. Mooseman684

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    It wouldnt Be a Marlin...It would be a Mossberg 44 US !

  3. Depends on what you're gonna do with it? A Ruger 10/22 is a pretty good general purpose gun.
  4. You say you don't see much more, so I take your question as being out of production.
    Am I correct ?
    If so I don't know, if it's a Marlin. LOL
    But I did think of the Remington Nylon 66
  5. oldjarhead

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    The Remington Nylon 66. or for uniqueness the Marlin M99M1.
    Ole AH thinks the same way.
    Rem ington came out with the nylon 66 in brown and a similar model, I believe the following year with a black nylon stock...can't remember what Remington called it. Pretty much the same rifle though.
  6. GlennM

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    If you prefer a bolt, I have 2 Marlin 81DL's that are absolute tackdrivers. One has a standard factory rear ghost ring / peep, the other has a Lyman micrometer peep. They shoot .22 short, long or LR, have a nice heft to them and are adult .22's. The furniture on both is superb, as are the triggers and actions. I use my older one in competition, and had purchased another for my wife for the same matches. She does VERY well with it. And when I get lucky, I win once in a while. :)

    One that appears in good shape (with peep) is on gunbroker now for "buy-now" of $150. Here's the URL.

    GunBroker.com guns: Marlin Model 81 DL (item: 99247261 ends: May-13-08 11:44:06 PM)

    Good luck and happy hunting.
  7. Big Dog

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    If you want a nice vintage Marlin that isn't produced anymore (so you'd be unique at the range!), want a man-sized stock unlike modern "fit's all" .22 rifles, and want a rifle that will outshoot an "out-of-the-box" 10-22 - you want a Marlin Model 88 semi-auto! Buttstock magazine, like the light-weight Remmy Nylon 66 - but heftier and well balanced.
    The sheet steel receiver doesn't allow scopes - but a real rifleman shoots iron sights - right!? :scool:

    The black Nylon 66 is the "Apache Black".
    The brown one is the "Mohawk Brown"
    I have both.
    I'm still looking for a "Seneca Green" that doesn't need to be financed by mortgaging my casa. :09:
  8. the nylon remingtons are fun guns, I saw some green ones a while back under $200.00 The market for these rifles have shot the prices up pretty well, I got my Mohawk brown 10C (10 rd clip) in 1975 at wally world for $40.00 on clearance. The Marlin lever Model 39 is a nice rifle. There was a 1897 model that they did as a Texan model in 1997. too many to really get all of the good ones.
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  9. SwedeSteve

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    Thanks fo the great ideas guys!
  10. turner

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    Winchester model 490