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    i am looking for a good quality m4 rifle around 1000 or 1200 after my next deployment the only requirements is i want it in 5.56 and i want a detachable carry handle there are just so many companys i am confused any advice is helpful

    this will be used for plinking and training and of course shtf situations

    p.s the only experience i have had with a m-4 is in the army
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  2. 103M 95G

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    LMT would be hard to pass up for the price you posted.

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  4. jd1911, everyone well push the brand they own. Any of the well known manufacturers make a fine gun. My local gun store has Bushmaster M-4geries for $850, so you have money for mags and ammo.
  5. I'm going with pred. Rock River all the way. I'm hoping to build on of theirs soon.
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    I'm no expert, but I'm getting a Stag Arms. I hear good things about them- the prices are in that range, and the detachable handle is standard for them, where it often costs extra from other companies.
  7. I'd stick with Colt or Armalite, working on a commecial range I have seen a lot of the different clones and they all work, but I have seel more parts failures than with the Latter. You might look at Fulton Armory too. Clin uses FN upper and lowers along with mil-surp parts, you would know better than most of us how they are since FN makes the M-16 and variants for the US Military.
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    thanks for the advice
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    Colt, LMT and Noveske are the top 3.

    I went with the LE 6920 from Colt.
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    CMMG A3 11.5" - 13" upper w/ permanent flash hider topped over a Colt or Bushmaster lower. Competition Trigger. I'd get both a Holo-Scope and a Carry Handle for swap-ability when I feel the urge.

    CMMG Inc - m4 and ar15 uppers and m4 carbine (Their website is kinda wierd, but their products are awesome!)

    CAA makes some awesome accessories...like 6-position telescopic stocks, forward grips with/without extendable bipods, and much much more:


    I opted to put mine together after getting all the parts. It is pretty educational, fun and lends a bit of self-confidence once the task is done. Can save a bit of cash too, doing it yourself.

    I don't like the looks of a Picatinny Rail handguard, so I got a typical tube-type handguard and just put some bolt-ons on it.

    Here is a pic of mine:

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  11. No way Ive got the same....hatchet. Nice real nice.
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    ME.........I'd rather have a 1:7 twist. So, think of what bullet you'll be using.

    1:14...........<55 gr.
    1:12...........35-60 gr.
    1:9.............45-75 gr. (maybe 77 gr.)
    1:8/1:7.......45-80+ gr.

    Of course, individual rifles vary.
    COLT is what I think of, when I hear: Single Action Army, M1911, M1911A1, or M16...........need I say more? Then, not to mention that even an older COLT will have a "better resale" value, then some "other name." That's what happened, during the first Clinton Reign of Terror. YMWV.

    Aloha, Mark