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    I am looking for a good deal on a 9mm or a 40 S&W pistol. I am looking for something easily concealed with high capacity mags. I am leaning toward the 9mm due to the dramatic price difference in cartridges. I have been looking at CZ's and FEG's as their prices are low enough and they seem to get some pretty good reviews. My concern is finding accessories like custom grips, sites etc for whatever I end up getting. I learned the hard way with my comanche revolver (which shoots fine) that the only accessory I can get is a speed loader. Hence I traded it for an SKS with my son. From now on I am consulting this forum for advice on handguns.
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    id go with a cz, they are great and have great customer service. i beleave feg is out of buisness so im guessing notso goodcustomer service.

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    FEGs have spotty quality. Some are good. I have seen one or two that were not safe to shoot, in spite of being almost new.
  4. Get a used Glock. A Glock 19 meets your requirements. But I don't know what you're looking to spend. Remember, you get what you pay for.
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    ewww... not a fan of glocks.... just ontfeel right in my hand.....but remember the cz75 is employed bymore armed forces and police around the world than any other sidearm.
  6. Glocks feel great in my hand. There is a very good chance they'll feel good in the OP's hand as well.
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    ^ yeah it might.......but this is the only time ill admit it!:09:
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    The CZ is nice as is it's clone the Witness series of pistols.
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    lol hate to burst your bubble there friend but you have it backwards.....the Witness is a clone of the CZ75.....
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    I just picked up one of the Sig 225/P6 police trade-ins. Got it for around 300.00, came with an extra mag and holster. I own several Sig's but this is by far the best buy I have got on one. The only problem is finding aftermarket grips. I bought a set of used Pachmayr's for 45.00 (no longer made). These are great guns for the money. Good luck.
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    cz is a fantastic brand, in my opinion cz is one of the most under rated gun manufactoring compainies. There products are top notch. I am not sure how easily it is to assesorize, but the quality is top notch.
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    It all depends on what feels good to you and you can afford. CZ's are great weapons, but I have never seen one custom. I'm sure there are after market parts for them. The Witness does have custom parts from the factory also. I own a witness and love it.
    There are also the Bersa Thunder line of pistols. range from .380 to .45 cal's. Their lower in price and shoot well also.
    If your looking for something more compact, Kel-Tec has the PF9 and the P11's. From what I have heard their reliable and have a few factory parts to customize them with.
    It all boils down to looking and holding. HA its always fun to shop for a new gun even if you don't buy it. To me 1/2 the fun is finding it!
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    Keltec p11 or pf9. By far the easiest guns to conceal, just expect to send back to the factory.

    My first post here, left thefiringline.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. As for those who recommended Glock, I had the model 22 which I loved but it was so bulky that concealment was next to impossible. I am more than likely going for the CZ 75. I saw one priced at 495.00 locally.
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    I would go w/ cz I had one in the past 380 acp & liked it. watch out for SW 9Ve sigma , a good gun but a veeeeery long trigger pull.
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    Just scored a makarov!!!

    What is the general opinion about Makarov's? My father in law just traded me for my Comanche 357 (I know the opinion on this one) It came with 2 mags and a holster. I am still planning on getting the CZ eventually. Also is the 9.18 ammo readily available (like walmart etc)? I noticed it is a bit more costly than standard 9mm ammo. Do any of you have recommendations on where to get it for the best price?
  17. Since I posted a week ago, I have bought a CZ Jerry's Special. (A full size grip with 16 round mags and a compact sized upper). I put 300 rounds through it already.

    I want to change my vote from a Glock to a CZ.
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    wow ^ thats great!! glad youv converted to my side!!
  19. Why didn't you tell me sooner? :09:
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    Get a conversion kit. It changes the barrel and springs to .380. Not real expensive and more readily available. With the advances in ammo, the .380 can perform almost as well as a 9mm. As for the Mak ammo try "cheaperthandirt.com" , "Midwayusa.com", or "sarcoinc.com". Finding 9x18Mak in local stores is like finding teeth in a chicken. Most Wallyworlds don't carry it. Academy Sports does but its a normal price ammo, $13 to $15 per box.
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