Which pistol should I go with.

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Which pistol should I get?

  1. Glock 17

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  2. Springfield XD(m)

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  3. Other

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  1. I have narrowed it down to 2. Im just going to use this gun for a fun shooter. Anyone have any experience with either of these?
  2. I faced the exact same choice about a year ago. Both are excellant hand guns. I was all set to get the XD, I really liked the feel of the weapon, it really does feel like it was ergonomically designed for your hand. I also like the idea of the grip safety. I was a little "nervous" about the trigger safety on the Glock. The sales guy carried a Glock on his belt. He pointed out that when you bring the hand guns (the Glock and the XD) up to aim from a holster position the Glock sights seem to line up quicker and easier than the XD. I don't know if it was the power of suggestion or not but he sure seemed right. So I took the Glock 19, and I haven't regretted it. But I do have to admit that from time to time I think about picking up an XD too.

  3. 338RUM

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    You really need to look at the S&W military and police pro pistols, I looked at about 100 different pistols before settling on this one, I have yet to be disappointed!
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    I said Glock. They're lighter than any other full size pistol on the market and have a track record that is better and longer than any other pistol in it's class on the market right now.
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    If you can...shoot both pistols and buy the one that you can shoot the best.
  6. I went through the same question several years back but I also was looking at the M&P. I was between the M&P, Glock and XD. I decided the best thing to do was rent all 3 the same day and shoot them one magazine each rotating so I could really compare them side by side. The best way to decide is shoot them yourself rather than listening to someone's "Expert Opinion".

    After 2 magazines I decided the Glock was not for me. It jammed twice. I didn't shoot it well at all, it felt very bulky and, although this doesn't really matter as far as how the gun functions, they are just ugly as hell. I have found that Glock's handle is at a different angle than most other guns. It seems that people who shoot Glocks well shoot them very well and love them. People who shoot Glocks poorly shoot them very poorly and hate them. My thinking is I could adjust to the handle but I could not get over it jamming twice in only two magazines.

    The M&P shot great. It felt good in my hand, had very little kick for a .40 caliber, was accurate and comfortable. I liked it a lot.

    The XD fit my hand like it was custom built just for me. It was also the smallest of the three guns and I live in an area where we wear shorts and t shirts 95% of the year so no matter what the ladies will tell you, size does matter. The XD shot very well and was extremely accurate for a 3" barrel. It held 9+1 and 12 +1 with the extended grip which is a lot for a .40 with a 3" barrel. I was impressed.

    The choice between the M&P and the XD was tough. After talking to the guy at the range I decided to buy nothing that day, take a week off and come back fresh and rent them again. This time I rented the XD and M&P. I had no need to waste my time, ammo and money on a Glock. I don't like them. I shot 100 rounds through each gun rotating guns every 10 rounds. I shot them from 3 yards, 7 yards, 15 yards and 25 yards. The choice was tough. I loved both guns but I went with the XD. It felt a little more natural in my hand and it is smaller and matches my wardrobe better. A lot of people don't consider how they most commonly dress when selecting a carry gun. My personal opinion is your gun has to fit your dress. I love my full size 9mm XDm, my 1911 and my GP 100 with the 4" barrel but they just way too big to hide in my shorts and t-shirt. They are great home defense guns but I very rarely carry them.

    I would suggest you rent as many guns as you can and shoot at least 100 rounds out of each and decide based on your experience rather than our "Expert Opinions".
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    Have you thought about a Taurus? I really like the feel and balance. I'd look at the Melinium Pro's, 24/7, Slim. They may have a few quality control issues, but their customer service is great and will gladly fix any issue. And at 1/2 to 2/3 the price of the guns u listed, that leaves room for alot of ammo to play with.

    Another option would be a Ruger, they have alot of semi-auto's and if you like the feel of a 1911 but don't want the weight go for the SR-9.

    Also might wanna look at a Berreta PX4 Storm, really sweet looking gun. And I've never heard a complaint about a Beretta. They come in several calibers and barrel length's.
  8. Please read this. Thank You.

    1000's of police officers wear a Glock to work everyday to protect us and themselves.

    Have you considered the Glock 23 ? My son has this model he wears for concealed carry plus he shoot's expert with it. Caliber is 40 S&W.

    Last week my son came home with a 357 Sig barrel made to replace the 40 S&W barrel on his Glock 23. I think there's one more Glock model you can do this to. I forgot which one.

    If your not aware a Glock is easy to take apart. Anyway to my surprise you can buy a 357 Sig barrel for around $100.00.

    Just put it on and fire away, thats all you gotta do, so you have 2 guns in one.

    We shot coffee can's filled with water useing Hornady 357 Sig custom hollow points .
    The can's exploded when hit.

    Anyway I thought I'd pass this on that you can change out the barrel on a model 23 in 40 S&W to a Sig 357 when ever you wanted to.

    Best of Luck with what ever pistol you buy...A.H
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    Ava, MO
    I held a bunch before I decided and my decision was based on feel and not on accuracy. I can't say anything against the other ones, but I really liked the XD. At the time, the XDm wasn't offered in .45 ACP, so it wasn't an option. I really didn't care for the Glock's grip angle, but that's just me. After the XD purchase, I've been really pleased with it and have nothing but good things to say about it. I suppose that could've applied to other handguns as well. I also have a Ruger P95 9mm, and although it's bulky and comes apart sort of strangely, I really like that one too. And now to throw all possibility of credibility out the window, I also have a S&W 500 which I enjoy shooting more than any handgun I've ever shot. Concealed carry with that one means in the trunk of the car.
  10. Honestly

    It is which one fits best in your hand, balances best, has the best sight picture for you, and has best the trigger pull for you.

    That is the gun for you.
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    And for me that gun is the XD40 (And I will be getting an XDm40 in the near future to accompany it).

  12. I have thought about a glock 22. I would probably prefer the full size over the compact. I just mentioned the 17, because I was just looking at 9mm. Nothing against the 40S&W though, im still not certain. Im just trying to decide between now and whenever the gun show rolls around.

    like I said, this may become a carry gun. I would like to get the papers to carry, but i have only shot a few pistols in my life, a few 1911's in various calibers and a few revolvers in 38 special and 357.

    people tell me to start with a 22 but id rather start out with a 9mm or a 40.

    Just for fun, me and my friends do "cow pasture clay shooting" as the gun club guys call it. and we are trying to come up with other things to do and kinda leaning towards a 3 gun game.
  13. I like the XD more than the Glock designs because of the grip and the XDm is supposed to be even better than the first design. I like that the XDm guns are more beefy and I think they just plain look better
  14. Taurus is a great choice at a lower price. I have a .45 Millennium and a Slim that I love. I also have a .357 titanium snubby Taurus that I really like. I had a 9mm Millennium that I sold and very much regret. The only negative I can say about Taurus from my experience is their autos don't like the cheaper ammo. If I shoot WWB or UMC the gun is good for about 50 rounds before it gets dirty and doesn't cycle properly. I have shot hand loads loaded hot and store bought S&B and never had a problem with 300 + rounds in one range trip but the cheaper ammo doesn't do well after 50 or so rounds. It is more of a pain in the *** than it is a problem. If you're at the range and have to clean your gun after 50 rounds it's no big deal and I really doubt you'll ever shoot 50 rounds in a gun fight. All high quality protection ammo seems to do well with Taurus. My two favorite factory ammo for range play with my Tuarus autos are S&B or the Winchester SXZ made exclusively for Bass Pro. Both of those are pretty cheap and do very well.
  15. i was watching a video this morning about the XD's and I like that they come with the holster and everything already. Im kinda leaning towards the XDm 4.5" 9mm. Maybe the .40. im not sure yet. but so far this gun has just caught my eye.
  16. My XDm is a 4.5" 9mm and I can't say enough about how much I like it. By far the best 9mm I have ever shot.
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    At the risk of confusing you a little more, I'll say a Beretta 92FS--basically same gun as the PX Storm.
    Bought mine for 2 reasons--It ALWAYS goes "bang"--not one misfire, jam or anything else in over 2500 rounds so far.
    Also, it just fits my hands perfectly--so you know, I wear a golf glove size Large/cadet.
    I agree with the others though--rent or borrow some guns before you buy for what feels right to you.
    PS--my son also has a 92FS and an XDM--it too has been flawless for him--but he likes the feel of it in his hands just a little better than the 92. Feel is personal preference and anatomy.
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    This question has been asked many times before and I'll give the same answer that I gave before, ...ANYTHING BUT THE GLOCK!

    "Friends don't let friends shoot Glocks!"
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    Between the Glock and the XDm I like the XDm by far. That being said I would go with a CZ over both of them in the same price range. Now for my true opinion. I'll older than most here and am old school. My first choice is still a .357 Magnum. Old faithful.
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    I have a Springfield XDm in 9mm. I LOVE IT! Great shooter