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Which Single Action Pistol

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dallas, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. I am seriously considering buying a S.A. pistol. I MAY get involved in Cowboy Action shooting, so I'm looking for something that is correct in caliber (I guess either .45 or .44-40). My question is which pistol and which caliber? Any thoughts?

  2. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    Hey Dallas, that's name sure is apropriate for shooting in My personal opinion is the best route for that is a Colt SA in 45 long colt with a Bisley grip. Now that takes ALOT of shopping/money if you want it original, if not...Brownells's sells the Bisley conversions pretty cheap. If you are going to get into it, start reloading, and 'roll' your own balls. You'll have a blast. And look on the bright side: You start shooting single action, you'll probably be dead before that is illegal. Good shooting partner!
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  3. Ruger Vaquero--45 long colt. This round is a real thumper. If you have unlimited money -- get a Colt for authenticity.
  4. Personal choice, here. I chose the Cimmeron 5 1/2" in .45Colt, for quality and looks. A perfect Colt SA clone, orignally built by Uberti and hand picked by Cimmaron, for fit and finish, then resprung and an action and trigger job is done. Results? One of the most awesome SAA pistols you'll find anywhere. Price is very good. I paid $738. for the pair, shipped. Let me know if you're interested in the site, and I'll forward the URL to you.

    BTW, a better quality gun than the new Colts...
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  5. Yes GlockGuy 23 by all means please post the URL for the site. Many thanks in advance.
  6. GARY D

    GARY D G&G Newbie

    My shooting guns are Ruger Vaqueros in stainless 44 special. I have 2 Bisley Vaqueros, three 5-1/2 and one 7-1/2. Why so many? Wifey uses a couple... the rest... I dunno. Just cuz.

    I've been cowboy shooting since 1994 and don't think I've ever cleaned them thar Rugers. They keep shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting..... Not like the Colts or clones with little parts that fall off. I also have a Cimmaron Thunderer in 44 special but I've never shot it. I just have $50.00 more worth of engraving put on it whenever I see Larry Hopewell :p
    I also have an assortment of derringers, pimp guns, rifles, shotguns and a couple of front stuffers. :p

    Caliber?? 44 spec - good, 45 colt - good, 44-40 tough to reload , 38 spec. will get you called nasty names :D

    If you want to look authentic get a Colt if you want to have fun and have a little money left over get a Ruger but first go out and watch and learn a bit. You'll see.

    Gary D. aka Dorado Slim
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. Looks like I'd better contact the local "regulators" and try some different shootin irons before I decide.
  8. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    Hey Gary D, do those pimp guns come from Detroit?
    Sorry I couldn't resist :)
  9. GARY D

    GARY D G&G Newbie

    OOPS sorry it took so long to reply but YES we are very proud of the pimps we breed in Detroit. They are very flashy and they all carry cute little pimp guns and beat their ho's. Pretty standard stuff. :throwup:
  10. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I agree w/ Alan C. Ruger Vaquero in 45LC
  11. I went through what you are anticipating. If you opt for the .45 Colt or .44-40 you will be authentic allright, however you will be hampered with high reloading or ammo costs, heavey recoil, etc. It is obvious that the leading CAS shooters, Evil Roy, China Camp, Island Girl, Tequila, etc. are shooting .38Spl. in their .357's. Faster recovery from recoil, cheaper, easier to reload. The name of the game if you compete, is speed and accuracy. Nobody is going to look down on you for going to a smaller caliber. I would wait until I could get the new 50th Anniversary Ruger Vaquero's in .357/.38, they will stand up to all the abuse, have coil springs, smaller Colt SAA frames and grips, cheaper, about $435 a piece on the street. Just my educated opinion and a lot of others out here in Arizona. Also more accurate at Cowboy muzzle velocities. .45's and .44's were black powder loads, which leave a lot of space in their big cases when loaded with smokeless, which contributes to lousy accuracy. Adios Amigo
  12. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    38-40 is a fun round and nice to shoot.
  13. BadKarma

    BadKarma G&G Newbie

    Would Colt make a SAA custom for you? If you had the dollars that is? It's always been a bit of a dream, a really nice SAA, classy stuff.
  14. Whoa, what is this? I haven't heard of this. I'd love to have the durability of a Ruger but the "feel" of a real Colt. Got a link?
  15. Nevermind, I got to poking around Rugers website. This is great.