White for Governor???

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  2. Yes,

    as a fellow Texas I cannot stand Gov. Perry.

    However, White will be worse as he likes to talk the centrist line but Houston was not administered in a politically centrist mode.
    White is not far removed Pelosi on illegal immigration.

    Let us pray for a Libertarian governor.

  3. Sounds like White is trying to make more voters. We want Perry over White. White is tied in with 'Fracking' for oil up near Ft Worth. He is no enviromentalist,that's for sure.
  4. hfreyer

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    Mayor White

    I lived in Houston before moving to north Texas and will not vote for White for anything.
  5. I sure ain't vote'in for him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...A.H
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  7. ChaZam

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    If you want to keep getting what you've been getting for the last 35-40 years just vote for some more democrats and/or republicans.
  8. mitchr

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    Just the fact that he was elected as mayor of houston should tell us something. That seems to be a liberal mecca of Texas & you just about have to be liberal to get elected to anything there.
  9. huffmanite

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    Live near Houston. Not happy with Perry nor White being our choice for governor. At the present Perry will get my vote due to simple fact, no way I'll vote for White. White condoned/aided/abetted and etc. Houston being a sanctuary city and he is just too liberal, dispite anything he may say to the contrary.
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    Can not vote for White.....
  11. medalguy

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    White is about as liberal as they come. At least Perry carries and knows how to use it.....lol
  12. DWFan

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    It's getting even better (funnier if it wasn't so serious). White is now campaigning on Perry's lack of border enforcement and claiming he will approach the Fed for additional Border Guards and increase State LEO positions.
    Bill White for Texas
    This is coming from the former Mayor of a Sanctuary City that refused to cooperate with ICE to enforce immigration law!!!!
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  13. Sept. 11 Polling

    Just heard on the Texas Network (radio) White is moving closer to Perry in the statewide polling.

    Actually, it is a matter of Perry's unpopularity rather than White's popularity.

    I figure in the end Perry will edge out and win although I will vote Libertarian.

    Remember the last election - Perry won only because the opposing votes were divided among Dem, Green, and Libertarian. The total of Dem, Green, and Libertarian exceeded the Perry vote.
  14. mitchr

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    What worries me is that white could win by default because of perry's unpopularity. Look at what we got in the white house for the same reason. If folks think perry is bad, wait 'til they get a liberal in there. And I'm convinced, regardless of what comes out of white's mouth, he is as liberal as they come!
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  15. Hi mitchr

    I agree that White is as liberal as Pelosi and Clinton on most issues including immigration.

    It is amazing to think just how out of touch the Perry administration is with the citizens of Texas. You probably saw the Texas Monthly magazine cover/story that Perry is trying to position himself to run for President in the next election. Perry has long since left the needs of Texas for the image of a national candidate on the Republican ticket.

    Should Perry become a national Republican candidate Obama will once again win by default.
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