Who has a 91-30 with scout mount.

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by quavodus, Aug 2, 2020 at 8:43 AM.

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    I know there's got to be some on here with scout mounts and long eye relief scopes. I'm wanting to do this with mine. Been wanting to do this and maybe deer hunt with it this Fall.
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    I tried it with my best shooting Mosin. It works, but the LER scopes are clumsy, not optimal. I feel it reduces the overall usefulness of the rifle.
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    Probably 12 - 15 years ago a family member had a really rough $49.00 M44 that I put one on. (for some reason it did have a great bore though) The Leupold was worth several times more than the firearm was at that time. I don't recall where she got the mount or what brand it was but it worked okay. I think it was this scope though. I know it was a fixed power, low magnification, long eye relief Leupold scope.
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    Natasha has a jmeck scope mount with an extender on it that the LER (an NCStar variable-power 2-7x32) scope. She shoots to minute of angle with that setup. She looks weird in it, but I'll take performance over weird looks. I chose this setup because I did not want to modify the rifle any more than I had to, to put a scope on her.
  5. This is my 1942 91/30...not a LER 1942Sniper.jpg
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