Who has shot a Rem. 597 Heavy barrel

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Strongman, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Strongman

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    I just ordered a Rem. 597 LS HB for the mere out the door total of $288.00 and I need to know is it a great shooting rifle or not. What should I expect as for 100 yd grouping?

    If anyone has any info on this rifle please reply.
  2. samslimovich

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    In response to your ?
    I shot mine on Sunday, as a matter of fact I sighted it in. I started at 50 yards took me 5 shots to get it zeroed. 3 of the next 5 rounds were almost in the same hole with the next 2 within 3/16" of the rest. I sighted it 2'' high at 50 yards. At 100 yards the impact point was around 3'' high. I had to scratch my head for a minute. Any way...the 5 shot group were all within a 50 cent piece. I was shooting the CCI Hallow points, not the Hornady ballistic tips which are quite a bit lighter. No trigger work done yet just stock. I hear that with a new hammer a guy can expect to keep all 5 rounds touching each other at 100 yrds. I shoot a 597 h.b. laminate... so far so good.
    P.S. Leaupold 3x9 40 mil. dual X.