Who Is Hakim?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Hans R Colt, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt Guest

    Anyone have any historical info on the person they named our rifle after?

    I'm assuming the Egyptians named the rifle after the Egyptian Caliph of Jerusalem known as Al-Hakim.

    Al-Hakim is remembered as the person who ordered the burning down of the Church Of The Holy Sephulcher in Jerusalem, and this was the cause of the Crusades.
  2. Klaus

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    Maybe it was Hakim Olijawan.

  3. The history of the rifle is in one of my reference books. I will try to find it. I think it was in The American Rifleman.
  4. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt Guest

    I thought Hakim Olajuwon was Nigerian? I remember reading an article in the Small Arms Review on captured Somalian weapons, and one photograph showed some rifles that included LOTS of Hakims...I need to go on a spare parts run!
  5. vodkazombie

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    Speaking of spare parts. are there any good sources for them besides the occasional offering on ebay or auctionarms? Gunparts Corp sometimes has stuff..

    I sure could use a bayonet for mine. I'll look around. Maybe an MG-15 drum, too. LOL.
  6. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt Guest

    I know that hunterslodge.com has the bayonets for sale and the cleaning kit, but that's about it for accessories...about the only thing I can think of that may need replacing on Hakims is the extractor. That's available from GPC, I believe. We may have to go to Egypt for the rest.
  7. guys, there was a guy out in california that "Parted out" a bunch of hakiems and rachid's. I will try to find the flyer he sent me, and post it on our page.
  8. Jesse

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    Don't forget the always needed but never available gas port tool!

  9. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie Guest

    Tapco has them, I think. Cheap.
  10. Hakimer

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    The hakim is the Egyptian version od the Swede Lunjman ag42. in the 50's the swedes sold te tooling to the Egyptians and helped them set up shop in Cairo they were used for approx 12 years before they were replaced. And by the way the Tapco tool is just plain a waste of money, there nade of nylon abd are prone to strip on the first use if your port is at all tight......
  11. WyrTwister

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    The gas port adjusting tool is easy to make , cut a small notch out of a 1/4" nut driver , this allows the notch to fit around the pie shaped point of the adjustment .

    Use your Dremel Tool .

    God Bless