Who Murdered Pat Tillman?

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhyQVawTG48&NR=1]YouTube - Keith Olbermann and the Murder of Pat Tillman 7/27/07[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-EwReGl88o&feature=related]YouTube - How they lied when Pat Tillman Died[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTzumHykgO4&feature=related]YouTube - How Pat Tillman Died[/ame]

    Three 5.56 rounds into two inches on his forehead??????

  2. Shameful, no doubt.

    What's up with the "chipmunk voice" for one of those videos though???? That's a great way to diminish credibility. Not saying that what was said in that one video was false (Actually, he did say that Pat turned down a Baseball contract which may be a blow to credibility if you want to get technical)... But I couldn't even finish that one... It was too **** annoying.
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    Nobody he was doing his duty to his country and got hit accidental. Im sure there are a lot more of those type of things but we dont hear about them because the kid isnt famous.
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    Keith Olberman is insane. He is a neurotic obsessive-compulsive with anti-American marxist tendencies which overwhelm all his thought processes.
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    There have been cases of friendly fire, since this country was conceived, and unfortunately, there will be more. It's a fact of life in the combat zone, and it happens. Most of the time, they are average Americans, serving their country. But Tillman was a celebrity, and it's been blown all out of proportion. It was regrettable, and I feel for his family, but I also feel for the families of the other soldiers killed by friendly fire. I'm ready for this to be laid to rest, there is no conspiracy here, just an unfortunate accident.
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    Ditto Scotty,

    Let the poor man Rest in Peace.
  7. It is always difficult . . .

    . . . to determine what happens in situations such as this one. Many times there are a number of interpersonal dynamics going on in a group of
    soldiers under stress.

    It may be that Pat Tillman created a situation resulting in one or more members of the group wanting him dead for various reasons.
    Sometimes sports people can bring a "gung ho" mentality to a group that wants to operate much more cautiously. I have experienced this in the business world. Everyone does not want the type domineering and example setting leadership that comes from success in the sports world. Everyone does not think a sort of exhaustive sacrifice for the team is really in the best interests of the team.

    I have a tough time thinking Pat Tillman can get the head wounds he received by accident. It seems more like someone was awaiting an opportunity that finally came up.
  8. Pred

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    Our government lied to us and tried to cover it up, end of story.
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    I agree completely, Scotty.
  10. Pred

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    Yeah, go look up the definition of conspiracy and get back to us....
  11. That would be my take too, Scotty. Unfortunately, some people can find a conspiracy in the death of any well-known person, particularly if they can sell videos doing it.

    It does seem pretty obvious that his death was poorly handled, by at least part of the chain of command.
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    My Sincere Apologies For The Wrong Video-

    I watched a dozen or so vids including congressional hearings and apparently.
    copied that stupid one

    The entire situation pissed me off then and I'd found last nite the Doctors mentioning of three bullet wounds from 5.56 in a tight pattern on the mans forehead.

    That item alone suggests strongly that the shooter was very close to Tillman.

    I'd read somewhere that Tillman was to meet with Noam Chomsky!?..Odd indeed!
  13. CrazyIvan

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    This question of Tillmann was brought up soon after his death. Concensus and Military Talking-Heads say that it was a mistake and he was a victim of accidental Friendly Fire.

    We will never know. Personally, I believe he was killed by his team in retaliation for some of his comments regarding the war.
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    ????? You mean the Army and that is S.O.P. until an investigation is complete, it is for the family's benifit and not for votes......

    Hey! want to reasearch a REAL conspiracy? then google ".45 cal bullet holes in Ron Brown's head" and why? Now you have a geniune conspiracy...... Happy Research..
    Claim written by the phythologists at the crash site....
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    Ths reminds me of an Iowan named Peg Mullins. She fought our government for years to find out how her son died in Vietnam. Wrote a book and made a movie about her ordeal. No family should have to go through this. Our government lied about Tillman as well and used his death as propaganda for the war effort. His life was cut short by bullets from his own buddies.
    By the Bush administration fabricating lies only feeds the flames of conspiracy theorists. Bush was only following in the footsteps of so many lying SOB presidents before him, back through Eisenhower. Truman, well, the buck stopped there. He told it like it was.
  16. Coeloptera

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    This, I think, is what causes stuff like this to gain ground. Sometimes it seems as if lying is the current administration's immediate and automatic response to anything that happens.

    When people stop expecting any truth from their leaders, conspiracy-theorists can gain ground where they could not have before. Like the 9/11 stuff. Frankly, it's really sort of ludicrous to imagine that was the government, but when they constantly dissemble about matters great and small, too many people start to wonder "What if they're (the conspiracy-minded) are right?".

    The guy didn't deserve what happened. Hell, no soldier does (okay...I'm sure there are the rare, scum-sucking exceptions, but they'd be just that - exceptions). But after him and the nonsense with Jessica Lynch, we've learned not to trust the government when it tells us things. And that's sad, because there are plenty of stories about real bravery and noble sacrifice from the people we have over there - I posted one just last night, in fact.

    Tragedies happen in wartime, obviously. It's sad and it isn't fair, but neither is life. People die in accidents all the time and I find it repulsive that people tried to hide the truth of what happened and use his death for political gain. I was in death-care for years and, to me, it's one of the most disrespectful things you can do where the dead are concerned.

    - Coeloptera
    “We owe respect to the living. To the dead we owe only truth.” - Voltaire
  17. Although I doubt it, I'm not saying it's impossible Tillman was 'fragged,' to use a term from my war. It wouldn't be the first time a soldier or group of them took out someone they considered a gung-ho menace or incompetent, or that they simply didn't like. Soldiers play rough sometimes.

    But to take it up a notch and claim he was killed as a result of some sort of higher-level conspiracy is paranoid nonsense, in my book.

    By the way, I'd guess a three-round burst can group pretty tightly sometimes, even at a distance. The fact that such a group was in his forehead doesn't prove anything one way or another...
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  18. You're kidding right?

    It's almost as if you think that the Bush Administration is more evil than those that proceeded it.

    As unhappy as you may be about this scenario and as shameful and poorly it was handled, they are hardly the first to do such a stupid thing... In fact, one could surely make an argument that this was a fairly small infraction compared to those that have been executed in past administrations...