Who would like to see Dewman here?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Robert, Mar 20, 2002.

Who wants to see Dewman back here?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Robert

    Robert Guest

    Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but we can try this new thing with the poll. I dont know if what we think matters, if he even wants to come back. Get this, a bunch of us have asked him back on the other site, and the administation has tolerated us trying to coerce him. Pretty cool guys. So, I just want to see how everybody else feels about it, being a touchy subject and all...
    I really miss his 'thought for the day', and his jokes, but be forewarned....IF HE DOES COME BACK....a lot of the other crusty old farts might come back too. And I have been wondering how ripe those eggs are getting.
  2. wes

    wes Guest

    I'd like to see him come back,and the others too.

  3. Chris

    Chris G&G Evangelist Staff Member Forum Contributor

    Well I would be the first to welcome him back to G&G and it would be nice to have some of the original personalities back...
  4. C.Good.

    C.Good. Guest

    It would be great to have the Dewman back! C.Good.
  5. dodge

    dodge Guest

    I miss him also.
  6. Pauly

    Pauly Guest

    Tell him there's girly pictures and free beer here too. lol

    Bring him back

  7. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I like it when he sturs things up and that gets some good conversations going -- definitely is an improvement when nothing is going on
  8. mjm90675

    mjm90675 Guest

    I would like to see Dewman come back.
    Mike M
  9. MangesMade

    MangesMade G&G Newbie

    Robert and all; This is not the place for this, you should be posting this on the Culver's site, That's where Dewman is now.
    Dewman knows how I feel about him.
    Just my 22 cents worth.
  10. Gyrene

    Gyrene Guest

    Robert - I think Dewman and all of the Old [email protected]&!$ are all welcome back!!!!

    Reading some of Dews' pot stirring, well ya know . . .

    I can't wait to hear about his next long shot!
  11. Gyrene

    Gyrene Guest

    Robert - I just can't wait to hear Dewmans' comments about being a "Junior Member"!!!

    AND ALL the Old [email protected]&!$ being called Junior Members, that will be a gas!!!!
  12. Robert

    Robert Guest

    Yeah I didnt think about the junior thing.

    Maybe we could get them to waive that, maybe something like "Great Wise Exalted One" or something like that for repatriots.
  13. Robert

    Robert Guest

    Heck, I'll trade my new found title and go back to being junior member. I asked him on the other site, but he stopped talking to me..... Aw shucks, I think he would love some of the new stuff, especially since we have Cow Girls on here now too. (Is that right? Politically Correct?) Or is it Cowboy girls? Or is it CowPerson, or Cowboy Shooting Person? ..... Ms. Cowboy Shooter? I dont know, I just know I better talk respectfully to a g..ahh... Woman packing lead. Yee Hah.
  14. Dew is gonna do what Dew has to do......if he wants to come back no poll is gonna 'dew' it. He has his reasons for what he is doing and you have to respect that. If, IF, and when he comes back I'll cover his behind as I would with any 'brother' in the field.

    One thing I have always respected Dew for is that he is his own man. He always spoke his mind and I, for one, always felt it's better to know where you stand than to know where you bend. Dew didn't "bend" for anyone, if you get my drift. There are some that still can't handle Dew's forthrightnous. For those...tough!!!!!!!!

    There are some that speak and want everyone to think they have all the answers when they don't. There are those who don't speak when they should (myself, perhaps).

    There are those who are know-it-alls....then there are those who know very little (myself, perhaps).

    Then, there are those who know a lot who don't flaunt it.

    Dew was a middleman........middle in the sense that he was knowledgable but not overbearing.

    He was fun...........he was uplifting after a **** hard day.

    But, he is not here, for now. I say give him room. I say give him peace. I say give him our blessings. TO YOU DEW!!!!!!!

    In the meantime...God bless Dew!!!!!!!.....yepper
  15. Roy McMillan

    Roy McMillan Guest

    Its up to Dew where he wants to be, but I could sure use his help with something." HELP -O- WISE ONE"
  16. Gyrene

    Gyrene Guest

    Roy McMillan - I thought Roberts "Great Wise Exalted One" was an excellent title for Dewman. OF course he could still be Dewman as long as he desires to be. Maybe he would accept us referring to him as Dewman the Great Wise Exalted One!

    Just wish that whatever caused him to step out for a while would go away. He is still affecting things here whether he knows it or not!
  17. Dennis

    Dennis G&G Evangelist

    Well DEW is gone for now, it was allways good to hear about his latest project or misadventure.
    I dont know what Jesse and Dew talked about. Dew wont tell me and I havent asked Jesse.
    Dew usually isnt so thin skinned to let himself be r u n o f t like this. maybe some of them river sirens turned him in to a toad.
  18. Hey MangesMade

    Can you let me know the URL for Culver's site? Many thanks in advance.

    This sounds like a forum I'm not familar with.:confused:
  19. dodge

    dodge Guest

    same here

    I would also like to know about culver shooting page, I found it, but couldnt find any way to post a topic or replay to a topic:confused:
  20. Hank Springer

    Hank Springer Guest

    Dewman Or No Dewman

    We all know that Dewman is the kind of personality that contributes a great deal to any kind of discussion that appears here. Only Dewman can decide if he's comfortable participating. I would like to see him back on the board. I enjoy Dewman's humor and interesting stories. That's my opinion in a nutshell.