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  1. :09: i just silver soldered a bent bolt on my m44 and need to find a 3/4" steel ball to fit on the end. anyone got any sources or ideas?
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    I used to make my own on a Lathe....Google steel Balls !!!

  3. OK, who's gonna say it? Moose, figured you would have. Or are yours brass? lmao J/K
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    Nope, not enough carbon content. :09:
  6. LMAO, I kind of figured they'd be "cast iron"?
  7. R5CYA, you may even take a look for some steel bearings. You can get some pretty big ball bearings for cheap usually, and it's not like they wouldn't have the balls to hold up! [​IMG] Here's a link to some going on Amazon, but there's 25 3/4'' and if you pay two bucks more it comes with one 1''. lol Hope this helps.... [ame]http://www.amazon.com/Chromium-Steel-Metal-Ball-Diameter/dp/B000FN0OS0/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&s=industrial&qid=1209972660&sr=8-11[/ame]
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    They rusted too fast! Had to trade them in...
  9. I've got some steel balls that came out of oil well pumps in different sizes.
    There HARD I tried to drill a hole in one on my drill press and could'nt.
    Will these work ?
    There Hard !!!
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    Last time I looked I didn't have any..........:09:
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    Last time I looked, mine were Titanium :-D
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    Fancy Fancy!
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    Why not use the ball off the end of your bolt you just soldered the bent portion on?

    Or just buy another Mosin bolt and cut the ball off, drill it and slide it up on the handle and silver solder it on.
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    That was going to be my suggestion, I've got an extra cut-off handle if you need it.
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    wally world has sling shot steelies you can buy....think they are about 3/4" in size....and they arent expensive.
  16. Welcome to the frey Califgirlinok. I was just mentioning on one of the other threads that we don't hear from our MOGALS enough these days.:)
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    You know it :-D
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    hmmm, i always thought there was 1 kind of woman....but MOGALS gives me another impression....
    MOGALS= women who actually know how to fire a gun....now whether they can hit anything is another issue

    Ps. The response from this may prove interesting :D
  19. LOL! i knew i was opening a can of worms with that topic.
    thanks for the replies. ball bearings, as stated, are more likely to kill my drill bit. so they're out.
    looked at walmarts website. nothing listed. thirty miles to the nearest store, so that's probably not gonna happen.
    i bought a ati modified bolt off gunbroker to use for the conversion and the ball of it's too small. if anyone wants an ati bolt handle, let me know!
    i do have a friend with a lathe, but this looks like it might be the best solution.
    Five 3/4" Dia Soft Polish low-carbon mild steel Balls - eBay (item 180141004083 end time May-14-08 02:01:54 PDT)
    i shouldn't have any trouble drilling into these, right?
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    hmmmm....higher carbon content makes em easier to work with, but also makes em less stable(easier to break/shatter)....that makes no sense :(

    ask someone else, i just brain-farted