Why? Any Ideas in Liberalism

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    What I am asking is not why liberals are liberals (that is like asking why alligators are ornery bc of all those teeth and no toothbrush)

    But more over why do they tend to end up in Largely populated cities in the north and west and somewhat in the southeast and less likely to be in smaller towns.

    I think it has largely to do with their upbringing in a largely giveaway society such as the inner city. Municipalities of small size, the Mayberrys of America, has all but eliminated liberalism from within its ranks. Although it does exist it is usually soft spoken and only gets media attention for comic value as the wierdo view.

    It has alot to do with one's mental capacity to look at the whole picture instead of the just "ME" attitude the left displays. While they state that "WE" don't need guns, or that "WE" need SS its often their undersirable need of "ME" that is underlining their thought process. One can argue that this can also be said largley of the conservative movement. But one must look past the greed of money and look at the long term consequences of taking and giving. Alot of the "WE" that the liberals espouse as necessary for the common good creates a state of dependency on behalf of many americans and often relegates little responsibility to a person's actions. This is common in all liberal thinking. Common use of rescources and no responsibility for actions that would cause one to need the rescources offered.

    On the topic of crime and punishment: Liberals often seem to tolerate any behaivor from society except those it deems adverse to its philosophy. On one hand Liberals claim that certain laws should not be laws due to the moral or social standings they imply (drug use for one, sex laws for another) but safely own a firearm and they would have you doing life as this opposes one of their tenants. Poor and minorities are not as responsible for their actions as those who grew up white and well to do as often is stated in their defense arguments for criminals. They always tend to blame society for a person's actions unless you own a gun then its your fault that gun crimes are a reality. It also needs little explaining that the people often defended by the liberals are the poor, elderly, women and minorities, which tend to be their core group of people, and are always referred to as victims. This terminology leads a person to feel helpless and viloated in some way as to strengthen their support for this thinking.

    I don't know if this is entirely accurate but is what I percieve based on my dealings with these people.
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    It's the "do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do" rhetoric. Liberals want to be able to change the rules as they see fit. We, as gun owners, are beneath them, and they fear what they don't understand. I cannot fathom their thought process, as it is too irratic. I have tried to reason the way they do, but there isn't any logic to the thought process. I have had much better results potty-training a ferret.
    I try not to think about the liberals as humans, but rather a mutation. No clear thought process, not responsible for the results of their actions, and the inability to reason as a normal human. They are distant, cold, and the biggest discriminators on this planet.