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Why DEFEND the 2nd ammendment??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Thats right why defend it?...ok put the flame thrower down...let me finish.

    The thing I am saying is why are we DEFENDING and not being "Proactive"...we are happy to hear a new gun law is defeated or we smile when our "boycot" of K-mart made it go bankrupt (maybe it had an impact or maybe the management was just stupid and killed it with or with out our boycot). We make jokes about Clinton..Rosie ect...we smile when they mess up. to ME and ME only, this is like a turtle hidding in the shell waiting for the threat to go do not gain ground in the defense.
    Ok think about it...The NRA is a powerfull lobbying group..(weather you like them or not does not matter) gun owners we spend a pot full of $$ not just on guns but on food, cloths, cars/trucks, houses ect. Most of us at least from what Ive seen are doing pretty good in our careers...and despite the medias view we are not liveing in some unieboomber shack out in the woods..we are viable mebers of the community. Just the $$ we pay in taxes (on firearms stuff), licenses, BAFT checks ect is stagering.
    Ok that said why dont WE start pushing for Pro gun requireing firarms safty in High Schools...mandatory CCW for citazins... laws like that...not trying to DEFEAT laws..TRY gettign LAWS passed for US. Same with this boycot stuff..yes some company messes up then let them feel it...but why not have the NRA or who ever come up with some kind of discout type names just gun owner...then when we shop at a store they scan the card (rember no names or ID numbers)...and that way the stores can see how much $$ we spend at their place...then use that to pressure stores like Wal-mart or who ever to be very progun. Like wise we need to flex our corprete musle..we can if in the deccission makeing loop...let companies know that we prefer to work with pro gun companies.....IF we take a proactive stance instead of just makeing fun of jerks like Rosie...we could have the networks panic when someone like her says an anti gun comment....
    Think I sniffed too much Hopps #9?....think about it...30 yrs ago ther were shows like amous and andy...people of color took a stand and now there is not a media person in the world who would not panic if that type of show aired. Same with alternative life styles and other groups...just try to get a show like all in the family on the air today. If we use or economic..political...and indivual influence then I believe we could get some pro gun laws passed and some actor saying an anti gun sentence would be liek they used the "N" word in terms of the back lash.
    Defending and trying to win by attrision will never win in the long run...we need to stop defending and get out their and fight.

    What do you think?
  2. NHM90

    NHM90 G&G Newbie

    I've always wondered the same thing.

    Being 19 years old, I feel that I've only started to make a difference in the world. I try to do my part, writing my Reps, voting pro-2nd, ect.....

    However, the 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT given to us by the founders of this nation. They question is: WHY must WE fight to keep it? Today's firearms legislation is so blatently unconstitutional, yet the system (which is supposed to have checks and balances to prevent unconstitutional laws from existing), is doing nothing for us. The legislators now have passed laws that can deny us our "RIGHT" to bear arms, mearly for recieving too many speeding tickets! That makes is sound more like a 2nd Amendment "PRIVLEGE" to me. Yet, everyone seems to accept it.

    As you stated, the NRA and groups like it are powerful organizations. They should be doing pro-active things pertaining to firearms. Anti-propaganda is everywhere...yet these groups [NRA, ect] do nothing to spread the truth. Most of the sheeple of the Earth believe 100% in what they see on TV. Yet, no pro-gun TV commercials exist. Government passes an unconstitutional law...and everyone looks the other way. At the rate we are going, my children will no longer have the "RIGHT" to keep and bear arms.

  3. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    NHM,for 19 yo. you have a great outlook and understanding,I commend you.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    ok doglips you said it !

    You said it now get behind it. This is a good idea;the likes of which I have not seen in a long time.
    I will support you anyway I can in helping you make this a reality.
    I do not know if we could get corporations to give us a discount. Maybe if it was low like 2 or 3 % we may be able to get it done. And the card would have to be universally used by any scanning system. I know lowes in in hot water with HCI so they sound like a number one candidate.
  5. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Sent you e-mail..Ok lets do something...Ill admit I dont realy know how to get this going but Ill donate my time if someone can come up with the plan (oviously Im not the one who should spell check our documents :). I e-mial a copy of this to th NRA...granted a shot in the dark. But Im willing to help if someone with more organizeing brain power can come up with a for the card..even if a company gave 1/2 of 1% to the plan as opposed to a discount...then the organzation would probly have sufficent $$ to run tv adds. NHM 90 has a point...would hate for my grand children (Im 38 but think im 19) will not be able to inharet my Mosan collection.
  6. To all, I have had my fill of various things-the million man march, the mom march, this march, that march-ei-ei-o. I do believe it's our turn on the soapbox. I really wonder what the country will think when 4-5 Million gun owners show up. A very interesting thought.....NMH90 has the right of it, our young should not have to fight(theres that word again) this battle. We all know whats incoming our direction and I really believe it's time to say "I DON"T THINK SO"
  7. I whole heartedly agree with everything said above, with one exception. The 2nd Amendment is not a right given to us by our Founding Fathers. It is a God given right recognized by our Founding Fathers. And it is this very God given right that is being attacked by some of liberals in society. If they don't want to exercise their right to bear arms that is fine and I can accept that. But, don't expect me not to exercise mine.
  8. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    If there is such a march, we need to make darned (euphemism) sure there is no McArthur wannabe in charge of the national guard.
  9. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    i understand the part about doin something but what if you have a march. and some crazy antigun person was to start trouble. you know there is allways goin to be one person out there that will.and lets say they made arrest. it would only look bad for us gun owners.but if we get into demonstating and marches. they will probably say we are planning an uprising or something.but i agree we need to do something. let me know what i can do to help i am 33 and disabled.the only defense i have for my familly is my guns cause after two neck surgeris and another on the way .the old way of fist fightin them off is i said i amd home 24/7/365 and i got a puter. maybe i can do my part. what ever we or you plan has to be peiceful.we don't want them to have an exscuse to say we are all violent people with guns and stuff.

  10. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I agree with you all and Tommy you a bring a good point to light about plants from the opposition being in the ranks of a demonstration. This happened to us here in Nashville last year during the tax protests a couple of plants from the pro tax side threw a rock through the gov's window and it looked bad for us the media said it was a violent protest. As a protestor I wonder where the violence was we even had 3 year olds and up there. We would have to set strict rules on the organizers side that would enforce the law and make sure that a plant that commits a crime will be taken into custody and brought to the authorities.

    Keep me informed I always like to help in anything to do with supporting our constitution.
  11. All good points fellas. I said it before on the old forum and in replys on this one, Americans should count their blessings.
    You at least have the NRA, NAHC. and other pro-gun groups to aid you. You also have a right as per your constitution. Here in Canada we don't never had this right in writing. It is too late for us here. These laws were without public input, democratic vote, or any thing like. Allan Rock passed this law, mandatory registering of guns, and gun owners, and to make sure people comply, attached riders such as making it illegal to purchase ammo, certain accesories, and gun parts. You can not even take a gun to be repaired without a permit.
    Couldn't even fight with our votes, the only party that was willing to overturn the law, was the Reform Party. Even though the leader was not well liked, the party did get a good share of votes. However it wouldn't have mattered, as when Rock set up his Iron Curtain he signed an agreement with the United Nations that guarentees the law cannot be repealed.
    So now here we are, they can search and seize guns ammo etc. without a warrant, enter your home without warrant or cause for this purpose, etc. just like in all other communist countries.
    They actually consider a knife a concealed weapon, if you are stupid enough to admit it is for defense, I always say mine is for scraping gum off my shoes. Looked what happened when a man just south of Winnipeg tried to defend his home and store. The robbers hit his wife over the head with a hammer and started in on him with a steel pipe. He managed to snag his 12 guage and fire off a few rounds. He was charged and sentenced for attempted manslaughter, the robbers got off due to some technicality. Some democracy we have eh? No one here is going to fight a battle we already lost.
  12. Taras, I feel for you guys up there. But as for the man that defended himself and his wife against the pipe wielding least he is around to be tried for manslaughter. It's stupid that he has to go through the court system, but you know the old saying, "better to be tried by twelve than carried by six". I only wish that Canada had a jury trial system (do they, I don't know) and he could have been fortunate enough to get some people on his jury with common sense. And, hopefully your outlaw up there had good aim and those A**holes at least got shot.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2002
  13. Teras, I feel for you and yours up there in Canada. I didn't follow all that went on up there, not much was reported where I was. This rock fella sounds like a HCI goofball...I did catch some of the stuff that happened in England, you guys in the Commonwealth got shafted. Come down to SD and we will make a trip to the range...