Why do you need an assult rifle..or Hi Capacity Magazines

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 3, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    come on people lests get excited...rant rave...wake up..lets get this board going....

    I see no reason for non law enforcement to own any simi automatic weapon or hi capacity magazine.
    Lets face it you cant hunt withan AK-47 and a 75 round drum..the only reason for this type of fire power is that YOU are planning a criminal act.!
    Same with ANY simi Auto firearm..rifle..shotgun or pistol. For target practice a single shot is more accurate and for self defense a wheel gun is sufficent for any threat that us civilians should encounter UNLESS we go looking for trouble. In Florida Armed Security guards are only allowed to carry 38 specials and if that is sufficent for an armored car then its good enough for you.

    I also believe that no one except police and goverment needs to have any more than 100 maybe 200 rounds at the absalute most for any one calaber of firearm. Unless you plan to have a shoot out with the police..pick some up on the way to the range.

    Finaly I see no reason for civilians to have CCW or to have firearms in their car/truck unless under a secure locked steal box in a seperate compartment from the driver. Unlsess your planing to do a drive by with your homies or buy drugs...

    Man that should get the flames going! Come on we hear this BS all the time...lets argue the points...hep each other get better at explaining reality to a libral.

    PS The above are not my real views...but Jannet Reno and Rossie O themselves would have been impressed.:assult: :fuss:

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    That's silly

    I need them to hunt rabbits and its easier not having to reload all the time while holding my gun sideways. Its the law of probability.

  3. Shaun

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    Bob ,
    I won't argue this with anyone I will just state my beliefs. I keep a minimum of 1000 rounds per caliber in the closet with the exception of a few other wise my personal stock never gets below 25000 rounds. Obviously the basis for keeping that many rounds isn't for criminal purposes but for keeping terrorists away and also remember the the reason for the 2nd is so that if it came to it again the citizens could take back the government. The same goes for Hi Cap mags and so called assualt weapons. I have the legal right to own them so I am going to.

    As to personal carry and the fact I was an LEO as I have said many times the police are no longer in a position to prevent crime their job is that of reaction to crimes such as report writing. So guess what your responsible.

    Thats my stance and i am sticking too it LOL
  4. colt45

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    OK I'll bite.
    Allthough it sounds like you have been listening to too much sara brady speaches.
    Assult weapons= any weapon used to assult someone that has done nothing to deserve it. (non of mine have ever hurt anyone that I know of so I call them BIG BOY TOYS) there are 24 kids under the age of 18 killed every day due to DWI for every one involved with a gun insident of any type and not all resulting in deaths. this fronm the NCDC report in 2000.
    High Cap Mags= no such thing if you can carry it its not enough rounds.
    Limits on rounds on premisis= BS, If you got room for them have them, Just don't store them by the heater.
    Concieled carry=I too was in law enforcement at one time and quit because of all the BS laws to protect the scum bags that pray on the rest of us. Makes the Job almost useless other than to fiel reports like SHAUN said. I carry every day. other than in my son's school Remember criminals like unarmed victims.
    AS for criminal intent= if the liberals and gun grabers have their way just have a gun will be a crime at that point I will have all kinds of criminal intent.
    Hope this is enough fire for you.
  5. PAPA G

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    who needs assault rifles??? they can ban all the guns i just like loading and unloading magazines!!! ehrm HCI monitors this site won't their hearts go a-twitter!!!!:eek: :D
  6. Wolv314

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    It is not the questio of "need". It is the question of desire. I have hi caps because I want them. I will not justify to anyone as to why I have them.
  7. hooker

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    This is just like a car. What if I want a straight gear vs., you want a automatic trans. What if I want to have some extra tires, or keep a case of oil on hand. Maybe I like trucks, and you like sports cars. I could go on and on, etc. about this. Bottom line is the Second Amendment. It does not say what kind of arms, it just states that we have the right to keep and bear arms. I do not understand why states have put forth in their laws that have been enacted in some of them, that we have the right to do this. It's already been given to us by the Constitution, like all the other Amendments. They ain't nothing difficult about it. It's a simple statement of fact.
  8. Joe B.

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    It is our patriotic duty to acquire as many firearms as possible without starving our familys, and to hoard as much ammo as our homes and or bunkers will hold.:usa:
  9. 7mmag6

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    i like the Ak, best darn can buster and plinker around, our gun laws in New mexico allow carring a concealed loaded weapon in your car, I however, never carry a weapon in the car or on my person, as its not a very smart thing to do, and could get you killed. law enforcement has enough problems with out citizens
    giving them more problems, I grew up around pistols, rifles, but my father put me in an NRA class when I was 11, and every one should do the same for thier kids and keep guns locked up and educate your kids wisely. gun laws here are very relaxed compared to florida, I have a poor mans range 5 minutes from my house and I may burn 100 rounds at a time shooting Bin Laden
    targets and cans, the truth to gun ownership and responsibilty
    lies with the parents

    JUSTAGUY Guest

    Mr. Doglips,

    I like it !! Shoulda left the last sentence off, woulda stirred up a whole lot more poo poo that way. Not to correct your writing style though. Matter of fact I wish I'd a started the whole thing but I'm a new guy and still checking out the memberships "limitations" for absurdity and appreciation for said same.

    Like Dirty Harry said (more or less): "Every man's got ta know his limitations." In other words, "Don't let yer mouth OR your trigger finger overload yer *! Also good ta know the limitations of the folks yer interactin' with. Don't wanna get anybody's powder keg wet so I check the direction of th' wind first.

    Really though, the only answer I can offer to the question of "WHY" is: "Becuz I want to....an'....an' I ain't plannin' ta hurt no one. Less acourse they come my way wantin' ta be hurt."

    I'm a humanitarian an' I do what I can ta oblige my fellow man (seriously). I don't like mean spirited people, but if they have some sort of sexual inadequecies that make them want to take it out on th' rest a th' world by bein' mean, I just flip 'em a Viagra an' otherwise try ta side step 'em th' best I can. But if one wants to point a finger at me, he will find that the hole in th' barrel he inadvertantly sticks it in will sufficiently accomodate it. So to wrap up this bloated response, I try to be a nice guy, but some folks just won't have it.

  11. Firemedic

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    Why would anyone NEED to question my needs? It is a MYOB situation.
  12. Armorer

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    Anyone miss the part in the Second were it used to say "To over throw the government if it gets to large or corrupt" And was replaced with "One hunting bolt action rifle"?

    Or is it just me :)
  13. Have I been cloned?


    Man, all I need to do is type, "ditto."
  14. Doglips,

    I'm sure glad you wrote that part about these not being your real ideals. I was afraid you might have been hang'n out at the HCI website a little to much. LOL:D

    It's all a matter of personal preference. As long as I'm not stocking an arsenal of automatic weapons and making threatening remarks, then who the h**l's business is it anyway.

    As for hi cap mags, they're kinda nice, you don't have to reload so often. Of course if all you have is a revolver and a 1911 anything over 7 rounds is strictly academic.

    As for the AK issue please refer to my second paragraph.

    Just remember the old phrase, real gun control is a tight shot group.
  15. dhermesc

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    One must remember the right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do hunting. It gives the people the tools to remove an oppressive government when the right to vote has failed.
  16. Doglips

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    Dallas I aint been hagin around the HCI web site too much..got the naked Sara brady Jpgs. on hard drive now..hehehe.
    I just wanted to get people woke up..keep seeing post that the site is boreing and such. I put the last line in because I recently posted a pic of me with my new toy..a Cobray with a 30 round mag..so did not want to seem like a hipocrat.
    I belive firearms, ammo and accessories are a personal choice.
    Most of my firearms dont accept hi-cap magazines and some like the Mosan Nagants would look silly with one. For the last year Ive been putting in as much over time to get some of the toys Ive been wanting and the list is still rather long...but hay the wife got a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas so now I can get the AK I want..fair trade. As for ammo...Like others Ive been makeing it a point to buy more than I use to get to the level I think it should be. Oviously for my 1904 38S&W(like a 38 short) 1 box of ammo is plenty. For my 9mm and 45 then 1000 is a minium....besides you get a price break for 1000 round blocks.
  17. Me?

    I don't have any assault rifles or semi auto handguns. I have no idea what ammunition is.

    I do, however, have a few rifles that never assaulted anyone and none of my handguns even resemble an automobile....let alone a semi automobile.

    Bullets? I don't need no stinking bullets. I have rounds (as opposed to squares, rectangles, triangles and the like).
  18. 7mmag6

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    now come on people, the constitution of the united states says that we can bear arms, and thats a constitutional right and God given, you want an Ak buy an AK, any other crap is not what the constitution says, but i know the realities, and its not right in a perfect world. well ive vented, but the constitution of america garuntees our rights , join the NRA and give voice
  19. colt45

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    The constitution did give use that right but it was not God given it was earned by blood and sacrifice. the time will come when that may need to be repeated to keep that right. I only hope I'm not around when it does. I have ahd enough human sight pictures to last me a long while.
    God gave us free thought we gave ourselfes every thing behond that. Its up to us to keep it.
  20. 7mmag6

    7mmag6 Guest

    now come on, where in the world, would you have a a people that believes in democracy such as ours, we are faithfull to America, and belive in demoracy, we are the the for front of of our founding fathers and gave blood for our constitution, we are America, **** it, think about it, i gave blood in vietnam, we are the proud the free, and the constitution gave the rights for all Americans to bear arms ,thinkabout it