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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MikeC, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. MikeC

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    OK all, I was just wondering what brought you here? I mean to this site/forum? Did you visit the site when it was under the old management? Are you a newbie? No, I'm not associated with the forum, just wondering. Myself, I found the old site around Sept.11 while searching the web for info on AR-15's. I found a link that brought me here. There are some old friends here, some have left, some new faces.
  2. Like you, I was searching for info on Mosin-Nagats ( I had just bought a M91/30 for $49.99) and I was ended up here (on the old site). Gun and Game has the best Mosin-Nagats chat room that I have found, with a lot of knowledgeable people with a passion for the old beasts. Less than a year later here I still am still learning and buying more mosins. Papa g, and Klaus always educate me, Doglips always has something interesting or funny to say. There are a lot of interesting people here and they all have something to contribute. Knowledge is power, and we are all learning here.
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  3. Dennis

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    Well, I gotta tell ya I enjoy learning and teaching and talking about firearms. I have been doing it for years. At one time I even got paid for it.
    These forums are a lot of fun if you keep the right perspective.
    This is cyber space it is only what it is.
    Nothing more or less.
    The only governing factor here is human nature.
    it's not fair it's not un fair it just is.
    There are quite a few of the old guys at the outcasts forum.
    some are mad at Jesse, some just dont want to change formats
    It is a comfort zone. an attraction.
    A community..
    Going from a forum with a coupla hundred people to a
    Megalo mart sized place has been unsettling to some.
    There isnt ANYTHING that forces ANYBODY to come here.
    It is the Community that attracts people.
    or may be what causes them keep comeing back.
    Getting to learn about and teach about and talk about firearms is a fulfilling experience to me, thats why I come here.
    (it's nice that I can go to the outcasts forum too though)
    Deep enough for ya?
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    I found the site by when looking for some info on a Hi-Point carbine I believe...Was hanging out at Talkshooters.com...under Doglips name...and the board got realy realy slow in terms of log on time ect..and Im on a cable modem...got to be too much trouble...started reading the post under the old system/setup a few weeks before the change...seen good answers..not many flame wars or troles hogging up good space...also the groupe seemed prety diverse..all over the country..difrent walks of life ect...Only sad part of the change Ive seen is that the Pistol Cal Carbine section is dead...use to be a vary active form...but like the tides people come in and go out only to return.
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    I was looking for a message board for guns and this was the one that popped out first. Think these forums are great. A bunch of people who have the same intrests come and talk about guns and life in general. To some people it might make them feel wanted in the social aspect. People can learn and give advice. Some people know more in different areas than others. I joined not too long ago and I'm having a GREAT time reading and posting information.

  6. Armorer

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    I was looking for M1 stuff. I found the old board. There were a few questions that needed answered. So here I am, to share the vast wealth of firearm knowlege, BS, and just hang out with dudes that are cut from the same cloth.
  7. PAPA G

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    i was dead set against getting hooked up to the net. but in short order i was sucked in and now i am an inter-net junkie!!! since my primary interest are firearms i searched for firearms topics and eventually landed here. links are great, some of them go on and on so much i forget where i started out. being medically disabled( though some may say i am a mental case), and do not have any flesh and blood friends any more. i enjoy this cyber chat, with people of like interests. i can share and gain knowledge and insight, with everyone.every one have a great weekend, and keep your powder dry:cool:
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  8. Big Dog

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    I was avoiding the net until a buddy showed me the information he was getting on various subjects. I tried it, and liked it. Started looking at various firearms forums, and found G&G the best. I stayed with it thru the late unpleasantness, and am still here. There is a wealth of information among you guys. Thanks.
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  9. Tober

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    :drink: :usa:

    I come for the similies...and I just find this place more fun just reading, some people just go over board sometimes and it is Funny!
  10. I can't remember how I stumbled upon the site......but I first found the old one sometime before September 11th...I can still remember the sadness....the numbness...the outrage in here that day and it was then I realized how cemented the people in here were.

    Some faces have left...new ones have come. With all of that the ebb of information continues to flow.

    I find myself reading the forum every morning much like I do several of the on-line newspapers.

    I've amassed a notebook full of valuable information from the folks in this room. Information that might take much longer to received if I had to search web sites for it. And, for the most part, the info has been accurate and quickly given.

    I look at this forum as gun club you don't have to pay dues for or attend meetings to get that same information.

    I've enjoyed the spirited conversations and opinions in here. It IS in HERE that one finds that not everyone may agree but you are welcome to disagree. And surely I can one of the most opinionated (or so my wife tells me).

    Some people, including me, have vented in here...ranted as Rave would say...and that's healthy.

    I appreciate what Jesse and Chris have done in saving the site for all to have access to.
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  11. oneastrix

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    I was looking for info ion my Lee-Enfield .303 Brit. Found the old sight first and then stuck with it. Excellent information. Once I figured out how to use the new format, it was smooth sailing.
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  12. BattleRifleG3

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    I forget how I found this place, I think I was searching for Remington Info, but in any case, I discovered it some time last fall. Took a bit to get used to some of the interesting characters here, but I think I've fou.nd my place
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  13. Oxford

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    After the "9/11 event" I started thinking about home defense. This finally got me interested enough in an old military rifle which I had inherited from my father-in-law around 1987.

    It had sat in my basement corner completely avoided till 9/11. Suddenly I got to wondering if it worked and what caliber it was and was it worth anything. Also, about the same time my son-in-law was heading off deer hunting and I thought it sounded like something I'd enjoy doing next season.

    He told me that my rifle was a 1903 Springfield and could be worth quite a lot, espeically if everythihg was original. Eventually, I was told by my brother-in-law, who was an avid hunter that I should look at a web site called gunsandgame.com. I checked it out and now I'm hooked. Since early Nov., 2001 I've been on this site nearly every day. I had gotten used to the old format and was around when the site moved to it's present layout. Didn't feel like I fit in much under the old layout because users all seemed to know each other and I was a newbie.

    Asked a few questions about my 03A3 and got a few answers, one being from a jerk who e-mailed me a nasty note criticizing me for one of my responses. He said I would be better off being quiet on a subject rather than making a "dumb" comment.

    I almost wrote off the old forum after than note but when the new forum was formed everything has changed...much friendlier people, much easier format...everything's much better.

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  14. PAPA G

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    sorry to hear about your negative experiences with the old format.you can only be a stranger once, then its up to the individual to build on that. i found out the more i relied, the more exchange of thoughts, the better it got. i don't know who gave you the nasty time, that is not the normal i have found, but theres all kinds of nuts out there, don't let the bad ones ruin your day.
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  15. Oxford

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    Papa G: I haven't seen the jerk's handle used on any threads in this new forum. No doubt he had lots of gun knowledge but there's more to life than being an expert. You've still got to get along with people.

    I'll say this, though, you were one of the first persons who replied to my O3A3 questions back in November. Your replies were all encouraging and helpful. Didn't take me long to learn that one bad apple shouldn't keep me away from a great forum.

    As a newbie a person's likely to ask a few questions that later you may wish weren't asked. You've just got to have a sense of humor and laugh at yourself later for what you said in those earlier days. Most "experts" know they learned by the same process and are happy to teach others. I believe that holds true for most of those responding on this forum.

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  16. dodge

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    mausers brought me here

    I found this site(Old G&G that is) around october 01, I did a surch for turkish mauser's and this great site came up on the list.
  17. AR-tim

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    Can't remember how I found it, but I am very glad I did. Got here before the "change." Probably started coming here around January. Have learned a hole lot, and keep on learning...Get a good laugh every now and then too. I never had any bad experiences so far; if I made a mistake, someone has always POLITELY corrected me. Thanks...

  18. wes

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    I was looking for some M-1 rifle expertise,found it here,also found the 1911 and 1917 enfield forums,and have learned quite a bit. This forum is a bunch of neat people with common interests.
  19. Rave

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    Hi gang,I was looking for AK info and spied the AK47 Forum under AK47 search.I discovered a very interesting group of like minded folks,which in this politically correct age is difficult.I know a lot of folks that think like us but are afraid to be branded with a politically incorrect label and there fore keep their traps shut...too bad,as we need more folks like that.If more folks would speak out and vote against what we don't like we might not be suffering under the control of the PC.
    Anyway it gave me a place to RAVE!!!

    :nod: :nod: :nod: :D
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  20. Silver 83

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    I had been collecting WWII and WWI .45s for a long time but had recently acquired two old Savage 99 rifles. I googled for a Savage forum to see what I could find and here I am.
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