Why Does God Hate Me?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by gandog56, May 23, 2008.

  1. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    The last 4 times I was set up to go to the range, it was raining. I was going today, no mention yesterday of any rain, so of course it is raining. :(

    Come on guy, I got to try out my 8X56R reloads!
  2. Maybe God actually is a woman??

  3. Hmm maybe it's your hair, and do something about those shoes too. And while your at it.... No I cant picture God saying that. I'm gonna go with... pull one of the bullets. Check your scale and reweigh the charge. Why not just for the heck of it.
  4. She was afore the Isrelites an Christians dethroned Her!
  5. tomwoh

    tomwoh G&G Newbie

    I live in Washington state, if I don't go to the range and shoot in the rain it really limits the number of times I get to shoot a year.

  6. mybee god dont hate you hes telling you something like build a ark or bring a tarp lol
  7. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    i bet god would hate you less if you mailed me all you ammo for free!! dont question it its gods will!
  8. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    Your reloads don't work in the rain ?
  9. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I don't work well in the rain. Two total knee replacements and mud slogging don't mix well. If I do down, I can't get up without something or sonmebody to lean against.
  10. just_a_car

    just_a_car G&G Newbie

    So do I... That's why I go to the many indoor ranges we have. Admittedly, that limits the distance to 25 yards at the pistol ranges and you have to be a member at most ranges to shoot rifles, but it beats getting rained on and having corrosion issues.
  11. rdale501

    rdale501 G&G Newbie

    Pretty much the same for Oregon. We do have a covered range and the 200 yard range has a wood stove at one end. I kind of like it when it is rainey and cold, we build a fire and shoot awhile then set around and solve the problems of the world. Go back and forth all day long, it's kind of relaxing...
  12. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    If you drink more whiskey, you won't corrode so fast ...
  13. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I always thought beer would do it.
  14. Here in Arizona it's been the wind every day for the last four months. I do hope to get some range time in on Monday though.
  15. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Which end of the range is that wood stove on?Sounds like it could be dangerous to get too close to if it is on the wrong end. sam.

    That will teach you to live that close to all of that liberal hot air from California. sam.
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  16. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    remember when you were 4 years old and you kicked that dog?

    so does god.:scool:
  17. I live in washington state we have a saying here. "If you cant do it in the rain, then you just cant do it." lol
  18. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Hah! Fooled him. Said I ain't going tomorrow. Woke up, bright sunshine, in the trunk everything went, and to the range I went!

    Dang, but I sure got a sore shoulder now.
  19. What does a 8X56 kick like?
  20. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Let's just say slightly worse than a Mosin Nagant M44.