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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TriggerHappy, Apr 27, 2002.

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    There must be someone who knows more about springfield and the U.S. governements policy on exporting M1A's to europe.
  2. Perhaps if you contact www.springfieldarmory.com or the federal trade commisson(F.T.A.) and or other government offices(B.A.T.F.) the may be able to answere your question.My concern is,why would you want to export to europe? I am not from your country.But is there not any gun dealers in the Netherlands?Hope things work out for you.:cheer:
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  3. PAPA G

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    thats the best to do is start at the nearby dealer and ask him all he know about bringing in an M1a, and find out who is the firearms importer in your country.
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    hi triggerhappy,i don't own an m1a(but i really,really wish i did).i don't know if this will work,but you might try talking to a canadian dealer and see if they can export to you.the only gun dealer i know of in canada is marstar (www.marstar.com).if they can't help you,they might know of someone who can.good luck..toolman