Why Hunting is better than Sex

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    1) You can tell by the size of the rack that it is legal!

    2) You don't have to wait awhile to reload after you shoot!

    3) If you get a big one you can brag about it to your friends!

    4) You can mount your best piece on your living room wall!

    5) Hunting lasts from sunup to sundown!

    6) Its ok to take your buddies with you!

    7) After you get one you can strap it to your hood and drive it around so everyone can see it!
  2. Eric

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    Excellent! And so true, LOL!

  3. Stop it !!! Rolling on the floor laughing !!!

    Hang this on the wall ( ) or this one from over seas <>
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  4. jerry

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    showed my wife this one
    she says "some peoples kids" But, with a smile:)
  5. Oxford

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    At least hunting is a close second. Just like Hertz. (ha)