Why I Kill 'Yotes Every Chance I Get

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by animalspooker, Sep 3, 2020.

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  2. AK Hunter

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    I shoot them too every chance I get in season or not.
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    Afton NY
    Only good yote is a dead one. My son took one in the swamp deer season and that carcass remained untouched for the whole season, i always wondered why? Usually anything downed and left there is to the bone almost overnight . Weird.
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  4. rando

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    They work like a pack of Hyena's.
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  5. Ten Man

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    In many states, they are considered varmints, and legal to shoot all year round.
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  6. The one I shot last year layed there for about 3 months, and then when the buzzards came back they started eating it. Guess it had to get ripe.
  7. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    yeah, most critters won't munch on them it seems.
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  8. AK Hunter

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    I wish it was like that here. If anyone asks I'll just tell them it looked like it was going to attack me. LOL
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  9. Jaison

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    The Virginia wildlife department just emailed their monthly newsletter.

    There’s an article about coyotes and how they aren’t as bad on deer, turkey, and such as previously thought.

    The department did some kind of study and found that bobcats and bears can have more of an impact than coyotes.

    It’s an interesting article. Not what I was expecting.
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  10. jerry

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    I’ll be at the camp ground tonight (armed) there is a pack that hoots and howls in the middle of the night within 100 yards or so. I have no love for the sneaky SOB’s

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  11. TXplt

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    Hey jaison, do they have a link ? When I get to PA I wouldn't mind having a look at that.

    It sounds completely opposite to the position of our GC (the coyotes are VERY destructive on game in PA, don't have natural predators to keep them in check, and we're cleared hot 24/7 on them). And completely opposite to personal experience as well as that of others anywhere I've lived.

    I am genuinely wondering if there's something I (and many others) have overlooked, if things have changed, or if leftist bias is making its way into the game commissions.
  12. MrGrudgemyer

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    They put a $50 bounty on them in Utah when I was living there. I spent most my weekends calling them in. Made enough to buy a new gun, just in time my for my job to move me. [​IMG]

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  13. Junction15

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    I have watched coyotes "bouncing up and down in a field catching mice - just like foxes do.
    I have heard rabbits screaming in the night, and then the whole pack coyotes yipping and howling.
    I have seen tracks in the snow where one kept pushing a rabbit towards a brush pile so the second one could jump on it. And then the tracks showed where first one, then the other, carried the rabbit off. Dropping it and poking at it every so often.
    I have also seen tracks where the whole pack kept harassing a large buck until they wore it out and killed it.

    I do know that coyotes kill and eat, not just deer, but rodents, cats and dogs, livestock, and etc. They are "equal opportunity" killers.

    I also know that the partridge and rabbits have become almost scarce around here. Deer seem to be doing OK. Turkeys were stocked years ago and now are everywhere.

    I have 2 smaller dogs that I watch pretty closely when I let them out. Especially in winter when the coyotes have been in my backyard at night.
    Maine has a year round, day and night coyote season (except no hunting on Sundays, but that's another story about anti-hunters rather than the original "day of rest")

    I shoot coyotes when I have opportunity. And when pets start disappearing, and coyotes are seen in neighborhoods in broad daylight, they need to be culled out or they will soon attack children.

    I had forgotten about this until just now - every few years, we seem to get a rabies upsurge. Bats, foxes, skunks (the most frequent), raccoons, and coyotes, are the most common. I wonder if Mother Nature is culling the fauna? Probably.
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  14. Jaison

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    Here ya go, buddy. Hope it links up ok.


    To be clear, I’m neutral on the info in the article. With no proof to offer other than anecdotal, I’ve seen/heard/read about coyote predation issues for years. They are an invasive species and quite often as much coy dog/coy wolf as pure coyote around here.

    I do follow a sportsman’s ethic, though, which goes for all animals- hunting or eradication should be quick and merciful. Causing an animal to suffer just because it’s not liked, or is destructive is an inhuman act and a mark of a psychopath who hasn’t moved on to humans yet.

    Will I take a shot on a coyote? Absolutely, if it’s an ethical shot. Gray fox and bobcats? Probably not, unless they are being destructive to livestock or a neighborhood. Those are native species and have a place.

    Just my thoughts.
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  15. snowman1

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    The only thing I have seen eat on a coyote here in Iowa is Bald eagles.
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  16. runfiverun

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    it's because they are a predator, and smell like a predator.
    everything will give them a wide berth, unless it's something like a wolf which will go straight after a coyote.
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  17. Ranger4

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    I wrote a comment on the 4-3-1 handgun post a while ago about two that came to see what my hunting ground blind was on Sunday. I showed them my 1911, in 400 Corbon and they left pretty quick. They got to about 20 feet, just did not want to shoot in my deer hunting area. That said, I have a feeder about 80 yards from my house, we just feed the deer and turkeys to watch. This guy and a smaller one are showing up every night now, 2 shots fro Oct 21 and 25. The light above him is my bedroom. There is another house about 80 yards behind him, so they are not shy.

    On the upside, people from the cities move out here and just let their cats run loose from 3 housing additions a half mile away. The quail have all been killed out and most of the rabbits and probably lots of songbirds. The cats also tend to scare off the turkeys. I sometimes see 2 or 3 a day or on my camera. We often have folks tell me their cats and small dogs just vanished. Duh? Welcome to the boonies.

    My best buddy, Rocky is a toy snauzer. When we go out to pee at night we take a handgun and I have been known to take a shot. If they are on my property, they need to be buried. Funny, I just put my suppressor on my 17 WSM today. It tones it down to about like a 22lr. Probably need to mount s light on it. 1-2120coyote.JPG 102520coyote.JPG
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  18. Ten Man

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    Sounds like a propaganda piece to me.

    Coyotes are the ultimate opportunists of the animal kingdom.
  19. Jack Ryan

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    Just don't ask. SSS

    RWB coyote Ruger Varmint Al.jpg
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