Why is Omar the Tentmaker still in Congress and not in jail for misappropriation of election funds?

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Cyrano, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Cyrano

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    New York
  2. reverendg

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    The (islam is not a) race card has a platinum version for just such occasions.
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  3. DWFan

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    Judicial Watch has repeatedly reported her to the House for ethics violations but, since it's under Democrat control, nothing has been done.
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  4. Female, black, muslim, communist...protected
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  5. blaster

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    why? the same reason the rest of the Democrap crooks are running free. the Republicans are either totally spineless or in cahoots with them!:mad:
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  6. Rave

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  7. Jaison

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    Seems like the brethrens’ replies pretty much nailed it.

    She represents the future if we don’t get our collective @sses in gear.
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  8. runfiverun

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    you know campaign funds are tax deductible...
    for the campaigner too, not just the donors.

    weird how we get double-triple taxed, and they get double-triple refunded.
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  9. Big Dog

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    Why? Simple. She's a democrat. Double Standard in full effect.
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  10. Junction15

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    Radically left Democrats are immune to investigations and prosecution. Or so it seems.
    (How is HRC's trial going? Is Al Sharpton keeping up with his payments to the IRS?)
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  11. Cattman

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    please tell me, who is omar the tent maker?
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  12. mitchr

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    Nickname for a muslim U.S. representative from Minnesota. I think from Somalia? Should be in prison & would be if she were republican.
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  13. blue fox

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    Ilhan Omar, somali refugee who became a US citizen and got herself elected to Congress. Part of the "Squad" associated with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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  14. mdj696

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    This is her in Somalia. 20200707_211300.jpg
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  15. Cattman

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    oh yes, not a nice person. she can get not reelected just as easy. somali, my daughter have a large amount of them in her PE classes. she teaches PE to 400 students 1 through 4th grade before the virus hit. she said the somali boys do not like it when a girl wins a event over the boys. makes them real up set. she asked one somali boy how many members where in his family as a matter of conversation. he said a number that my daughter knew was way less that correct. she said that to the boy. he then said, we dont count the females, they dont count in anything. that has to end in this country. WELCOME TO AMERICA YOU SOMALI MEN, that dont go here.
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  16. Cyrano

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    New York
    In the past, when people from a nation or an ethnic region (at the time the railroad workers in California came to America, for instance, China was a patchwork quilt of warlords' territories and areas claimed by the Chinese Emperor; and Germany was a collection of small principalities when a lot of Germans emigrated here after the Revolution) came to America, they understood that they had to learn English, and they had to follow American customs. In short, they had to assimilate. The process rarely was smooth, especially if the immigrants were insular. It usually took 25 to 30 years, and it was usually the children of the immigrants who achieved it. But they got there in the end, mostly.

    However, when the Hispanics started coming to America from Latin America and Mexico in the 1960s, for the first time we had an ethnic group that refused to learn English and refused to follow our customs. And the yankee gummint let them get away with it, to the point you go in big box stores and you will find signs in both English and Spanish. They demanded, and got, government forms in Spanish because they refused to habla Inglese and refuse to assimilate. All they want is our money and to scam the safety nets FDR and LBJ erected to help Americans who needed help, to the detriment of the American people.

    Other ethnic groups followed that lead, including the Somalis who, God alone knows why, were settled in a part of the country as unlike their homeland as it can be. At least the last time I checked, it doesn't snow in Somalia, they don't have an Olympic figure-skating team, and ice-fishing isn't a thing there. They are practicing Muslims there, and believe their religious practices as interpreted by imams who use them to keep women down and exalt the men, are ordained by Allah and trump American laws.

    And Ilhan Omar, aka Omar the Tentmaker, wants to dismantle the Constitution which has served us well for almost 250 years because as a female immigrant radical Muslim leftist pig, she understands America better than the Founding Fathers and the people who were born and raised here, because Somalia has such a superior culture and form of government.

    You'll pardon me if I disagree, and believe that American laws apply to all within our borders, including her. She has committed crimes regarding her campaign funds, and should be arrested, tried, and convicted for those crimes. Yet she still sits in Congress, flaps her gums, and advocates for the overthrow of the government. As I see it, what she is doing with her advocacy borders on the dictionary definition of treason. And she deserves the proper punishment for that.
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  17. Cattman

    Cattman G&G Evangelist

    she will go away like gas from the aaaaaaaaaaaa and will be no more, this country is in no mood to become muslim. its sort of funny, a lot of those muslim gals like the freedom they have here, the men are in trouble as the women are getting used to the freedoms. the men sit around bitching and smoking their hookas and the women bring in the income. if you go to minneapolis mall many somali women work their and the the men sit home doing nothing but bitch about every thing. they all live in a high rise not far from the mall. they knock out walls so they can move from apartment to apartment with ease. the men are worthless and the women bring in the income. my daughter worked her way though college at wall mart. they had to watch the somali men when they came to wall mart as they were good scam artist and thieves. the women looked over worked and tired, the men do nothing but lay around and bitch. very good religion, if your a lazy man. sorry guys and gals but that is the truth. im a born again spirit filled christian and i have to tell it like it is about muslims. they worship a moon false God. hope this doesnt get me thrown off here because i like this site.
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  18. PaleHawkDown

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    I have a fascination with languages - especially lost, forgotten, adapted or still-existing rare dialects. To this end there is a really great documentary series on YouTube about enclaves of America where odd dialects are still spoken; a German community in Texas that has spoken an archaic form of Hessian dialect for more than a century, the three "Dutch" dialects of Pennsylvania, a New England Island whose population still speaks a long-forgotten dialect from Northern England, and several more. My favorite of the series, though, was The Delta Chinese.

    During a period of turmoil a lot of Chinese came over to settle in America. California was the option many chose, but since there were still close ties with China in parts of California, not everyone was welcome or could be guaranteed any sort of life.

    A group decided to settle in the Mississippi Delta. They still speak an odd dialect of Chinese, but they also speak fluent redneck. From Reconstruction through the Civil Rights movement they were basically the intermediaries and ambassadors between whites and blacks in the Delta - often running identical businesses across the street from one another catering to the two groups. They were respected by both communities, but not really 100% accepted by either.

    I used to give Hispanics a lot of crap about not speaking English until I did a little research on my own family and found out German was still the lingua franca in their American communities from 1848 until about the time that Hitler stopped being popular with the American government. We're talking 90 years and numerous generations there. Then I find out there is a community in Texas where everyone over the age of 60 STILL communicates in a German dialect that hasn't even been spoken in Germany in 140 years.

    America is a melting pot, yes, but some cheeses don't melt very fast.
  19. Big Dog

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    Omar breaks our laws and is given a pass. Ocrzio-Cortex violates our laws, and is given a pass. Warren flat out lies, and is given a pass. Clinton breaks our laws, endangers national security, enables the murder of American embassy people..... she gets a pass. Pretty typical of this breed of democrat politico.
  20. draftingmonkey

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    Why is Omar the Tentmaker still in Congress and not in jail for misappropriation of election funds? For the same reason that the rest of congress is not in jail. If you jail her you have to jail the bulk of the rest of congress for the doing the same thing and I sure don't see that happening any time soon.
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