Why M1 Carbine?

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  1. Funnyrunner

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    Not meaning to start a flame war but why do you guys like the M1 Carbine and what do you primarily use it for?

    My buddy has two of them and he plans on using them as defensive weapons. By the way "Gun Parts" has a great M1 carbine bolt tool. I took both of his apart to polish up the innards and clean them good and found out that only an octopus can put the bolt back together without the bolt tool.

    The .30 caliber 110 grain round @ 1990 fps seems rather anemic for a defensive weapon. To me, it is the last weapon I would pick for defensive purposes. It is fun to shoot however when out plinking.

    Anyone care to share your thoughts on why you like it and what you use it for? Just curious.

  2. Dragunov

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    Do you consider a .357 mag "anemic?" The M1 is far more powerful. For defense it would be very effective. Not for "sniping" though.

  3. Dad and I feel that it would be a fun gun to play with, but that is about it. For defensive purposes, I guess it would be better than nothing. I mean the bullet is going to fast with not enough weight. Sure I wouldn't want to be shot with one, but inside the house I would prefer a shotgun or my 45 acp
  4. texnmidwest

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    M1 carbine was made to be an alternative to a handgun. Compared to handgun cartridges the 30 carbine is a stellar example for it's day. Soft recoil, good power. No it is not a 460 mag or 500 action express but is a heck of a lot more controllable. AND if I had a choice of a handgun or a carbine...give me the carbine any day.
  5. The M1 Carbine was the alternative to the Senior NCO's/Officers side arm more powerful and more capacity in the mag it was never intended to be a frontline weapon but did serve as such in many theatres. It isn't anemic at all within it's range and can get the job done would it be my first choice ??? No but I wouldn't feel underarmed if it was all I had.
  6. Funnyrunner

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    Othger than being fun to shoot I was just curious as to why people would choose it as a defensive weapon. Is there ammo available other than the 110 gr ball?
  7. As a defensive weapon, low recoil, within it's range (100yds or less) sufficient stopping power, repeat shots (a 15 or plus magazine) plus a defensive tool should it come to hand to hand that stock was/is thick and sturdy tends to remove alotta teeth if applid properly!
  8. Ninja Piper

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    As an alternative to a handgun in the warzone during its time period
    1. Lightweight
    2. Accurate (easily up to 100yards, haven't shot mine past that yet)
    3. Little recoil
    4. Plenty of power considering the size
    5. Very maneuverable for its size
    6. 30 round capacity
    7. Can still be used for rifle fighting
    8. Quick, accurate follow up shots
    9. Can still mount a bayonet (every rifle needs something long, sharp, and pointy at the end of it!)
  9. 30 rounds at 25 and at 50 yards.



    Need I say more?
  10. Well,

    you have pretty much hit the nail on the head. This is a great design but it is not a great cartridge. Therein lies the failure of the gun.
  11. Funnyrunner

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    Excellent shooting sir!!!
  12. sniper762

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    lightweight and fun to shoot.

    not a sniper weapon? you ever heard of the m1a3?
  13. waterdog

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    nothing wrong with it, rather have it than a handgun.
  14. rondog

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    I have one with an Ultimak railed handguard and a red-dot sight on it, a 15-round mag, and two more 15 rd. mags in a pouch on the stock. I would NOT feel disadvantaged in any way to have that lil' puppy in my hands in a gunfight! If I had a good way to keep it handy yet secured, that would be my go-to weapon at the house. Remington makes/sells soft-nosed bullets for it, for hunting and s/d. Pre-made or the bullets only for reloading. I needs me some.
  15. samuel

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    The M1 carbine was also equipped with a bayonette lug.They came in handy in the islands against Japanese banzai attack/hand to hand fighting.The veterans I talked to and what I learned from Marine Corps history,almost everyone wanted one.Ez,you are right for backing an old warhorse.Altho rated for jungle warfare,I believe the M1 carbine really proved itself in the hills of Korea when the Chinese made mass attacks. A great alternative to a handgun in the hands of soldiers that weren't proficient with handguns.I salute a weapon that served its country well. ,,, Modern Firearms - M1 Carbine ,,,sam.
  16. samuel

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    If the M1 carbine can be called a failure,every shoulder weapon carried by the U.S.military must be classified as a failure.When properly applied,this weapon system did exactly what it was intended to do,lay a lot of fire out there in a hurry.Any combat veteran can tell you that is a very important function.Love ya like a brother Nate,but I hope you take that "failure"tag off this great little weapon that served us with honor in three hard fought wars. ,,,sam.
  17. Funnyrunner

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    This is the best summation yet.
  18. samuel

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    Yuo probably think it's a good summation because it is real short and you can follow it without forgetting what the subject is.For someone to issue a summation strictly on what they have "HEARD"with no experience is amazing.I have fired an M1 carbine a lot,carried and used one a little in combat,and seen it used quite a bit.The stories I have heard of it's failures in combat come from the 90% of the military that never fired a shot in anger.I have heard combat veterans tell how good it is.Yes,it has short comings,but so does every other shoulder weapon,mostly the same ones laid on the M1 carbine.
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  19. oldjarhead

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    Looks to me that you have already made up your mind on the carbine issue so why the trolling?
    You have received some excellent responses here except for the one you quote and, perhaps, the one you were hoping to get.

    With well over 6 million carbines manufactured and the fact they were utilized extensively in both the European and Pacific theaters during WW II, saw extensive use during the Korea war, and then service in Vietnam...not to mention by all NATO and SEATO forces during the lend lease programs and many other minor war and peace efforts. One can hardly call the little shooter a failure.

    Additionally literally thousands of carbines have been sold recently by the CMP and more thousands have been cloned by several commercial manufacturers during the past 40 years.

    One should not pass judgement on things of which they have no knowledge.
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  20. Paul T

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    Dad carried one through Iwo and N.K. and found them verry effective.