Why no FFL in Antique rifles

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    Why are pre 1900 considered antiques and no ffl required but a gun 1 yr later is somehow more dangerous and needs FFl to purchase. I would like to see these rifles (bolt actions) sold as non ffl. Maybe revise the date to 1946 or something in the area. I have not seen anyone shoot up any schools with a mosin or mauser. Let's face it, I don't think a kid could smuggle, let alone handle the recoil and weight of these rifles for long.
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    It's not 1900, it's 1898 or earlier. The year was establish in the GCA of '68. They just picked 70 years from 1968 as an arbitrary number and that's what is in the law.

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    Sounds like it goes to having a full support for the 2nd and then we would have to get the law amended or revised - I doubt it would ever happen with the current state of the government I think right now we would be better off trying to see is the Brady bill can be sunset and then we get the first major win under out belts