Why the dirty rat!!!!!!!!

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  1. PAPA G

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    ok so i have mouse/mice problem. the varmint is leaving his calling cards in the bottom kitchen cabnets. so i set several traps, no luck.

    i am using my favorite weapon and ammo, Victor mouse traps baited with peanut butter, with no luck. it was always a surefire winner. so anyone have any other bait suggestions.:irked:
  2. CrazyIvan

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    Good old slice of cheese is a good one.

    Another option if the traps aren't working is that vermin paper...the kind that they get stuck on when they step on it and can't move. Put it along the bottom of the back of the cabinet, or where you think they are moving.

  3. Alan Duke

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    Glue traps set along the baseboards.
  4. Paul T

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    DeCon mouse and rat bait
  5. White Rook

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    You can always hire these two guys.

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  7. grizcty

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    Glue traps seem work the best.

    I always used PB & snap traps, if the cat didn't catch them.
    But had some determined mice, that made me change my tactics.

    Now the cat sits back, and waits for the treats to squeal.
    Then the cats, does the rest.
  8. Well, ever since Our cat had kittens and they grew up (outside cats) when I was a kid we havent had a problum since lol. Even now we have 2 grown cats outside and 2 young cats (not small enuph to call kittens any more) and we dont have a single mouse problum.

    As far as mouse traps, I have always had PB work great for mice.
  9. Mr.tbolt

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    I used to have luck with mouse traps, I would use cheese and wipe some peanut butter on it.
  10. Paul T

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    The answer to your mouse problem
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    </div>]YouTube - Goliath Bird Eating spider[/ame]
  11. Paul T

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    I dont know why this keeps happening like this
  12. CAV88

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    hahaha this is great, it took me a second to realize that the guys were fake and not a blow up squirrel lol
  13. BenchRest

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    I have always had luck with a small piece of bacon heated with a match or lighter. Little buggers love the stuff.

    Luck that is except if I go smiffin it out myself and crack my fingers.
  14. PB is the best. They love peanuts and the spread has a smell that they can find about 100 feet away.
    If that doesnt work I use a trap I get at the hardware store. Its like a black box that has an opening on one end. They crawl in and WHAM they are lil mousey angels. But use PB on that too. Best thing about it is you can use anywhere because it is enclosed. Along baseboards it works really well.

    Also there is no such thing as one mouse. If you think you have one you have 2 or more.
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  15. Alan Duke

    Alan Duke G&G Evangelist

    The baseboards in the key to alot of this as they usually runnalong the walls. If you use the glue traps though, get the "Rat" traps. I have seen them get out of the small ones though. (but they were cheap traps.)
  16. petrol

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    I agree with AH. go find a skanky outdoor cat. I had rats here (big ugly downtown la rats). the spring traps worked. the glue traps didn't and after cleaning up the rat blood from the floor another bwould be along within a few days. Then I was given a stray (the love of my life now) and not seen a thing since. even crickets don't last more than a few mins.

    and she plays fetch.
  17. ImNewHere

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    You can also run a few inches of water in your kitchen sinks, and then put peanut butter with a cheese-it on one end of a butter knife, then balance it across the sink. They go for it, fall in the sink, can't get out, and are either swimming or drowned when you come down the next day.
  18. take a small caliber cleaning patch roll peanut butter inside. then wire the patch to the trigger of your trap. smear some on top for flavor. and you'll get him