Why the `guns in the glove compartment` law is legal

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, Apr 30, 2008.

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    The constitution is about protecting the rights of individual people. But some of Florida`s corporate giants are trying to hijack our constitution and circumvent the Legislature and Gov. Crist.

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    I don't live there

    GGReporter: Sir; how would this work.
    I am denied by BIG BUSINESS with this, Not allowing me to protect myself and family at their places of BUSINESS.
    Something BAD happens and I, you, family get hurt.

    DO WE SUE the PARKING LOT OWNER because he didn't protect us.

    State Law protect us them to start with.

    Some thinking on this.

  3. No guns...no buisness. Get enough like minded people to get that message through and watch how fast they change their mind.
  4. Oddly enough there neophyte, that is exactly what happened in San Antonio not too long ago. A couple was accosted and the husband killed by a group of thugs. The widow and family successfully sued the Quarry Mall citing the malls "Blatent disregard for the safety of it's tennents and patrons in not providing adequate security, having prior knowledge of previous non fatal violent assaults"
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    See if the State Legislature will introduce a Bill holding mall owners schools, or businesses restricting Legal CCW carry to be held liable for deaths or injuries caused by inadequate security for the patrons.
  6. Our Super Wal Mart is very poorly lighted Is Yours ? Ever so often someone falls victim to a crime at our's, and personaly I think it is due to the low lighting.

    So after reading this, if you can't boycott these companys and you get mugged or robbed sue the chit out of them !!!
    Even when your car gets a ding from being there.
    Good Luck !
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    I've lived in FL--they have pretty good CCW and firearms laws in general. It's perfectly legal to have a firearm (loaded or not and with or without permit) in a car as long as it's "securely encased" (a holster fits this definition, as does a glove box or console, etc).

    No matter what these "big businesses" say, I think it wise and prudent to have a firearm with you at all possible times--I'd advocate keeping the concealed pistol in your car no matter what--this is consistent with FL law and the big businesses' lawsuit be damned. If they post signs in the parking lots, just ignore them IMHO.