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  1. Why oh why did I put a no1 enfield with a magazine cut on hold until july when I don't even have a job or enough money:dunno:.... hmm I guess it's incentive to get a job!:scool:

    well, I guess I caught the Enfield bug too. crapola!
  2. SwedeSteve

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    I love mine! It's one accurate babe!

  3. mdj696

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    Almost finished with my Ishy FR 46
  4. Zep go find you some yards to mow and you'll have the money in know time.
  5. cold queso

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    Just let me know what shop it's at, and I'll have my brother pick it up for me! HAHA

    Seriously, my best military bolt shooter is a 1907 with cut off. What year and arsenal is yours?