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These are the critical contacts!

Veto Override Next Tuesday
Madison - 01.28.04

Yesterday's scheduled vote on the override of Governor Doyle's veto of the Personal Protection Act concealed carry bill had to be postponed because one Republican member of the assembly was out sick. As you know, we need every last vote to succeed.

The Assembly will not be in session tomorrow (Thursday), and for a legitimate reason. They will convene again next Tuesday, February 3rd. Because the override vote was the 5th order of business, and was postponed, it will be taken up as one of the first items of unfinished business next Tuesday. The vote could be as early as 10:05 am.

Unlike some past sessions, this one will not be put off until another day. The Assembly is going to vote on the override, one way or another. This has been promised to us. Next Tuesday is The Day. Next Tuesday is the final showdown between Governor Doyle and those who believe in freedom.

This is the absolute last fight in the battle. We truly believe that we have the votes to override, but we can't take any chances. We need to have the largest turnout at the Capitol on this issue than we've ever had. We need you, your friends, your relatives. We need law enforcement officers, firefighters. We need crime victims, small business owners, private investigators. We need every person who believes that we have as much of a right to self-defense as the citizens of 46 other states with legal concealed carry.

We need to have hundreds of people show up to demonstrate that the good citizens of Wisconsin, and not Governor Doyle, own this state. Governor Doyle will once again order sheriffs and state troopers to the Capitol, paid for with your tax dollars. We need to outnumber those paid lobbyists.

The presence of hundreds of supporters last week for the senate vote turned an uncertain outcome into an overwhelming victory. Your presence next Tuesday can do the same.

Certainly it is difficult for supporters to take days off from work and drive to Madison. But this time it is absolutely, positively necessary. If you want legalized concealed carry for Wisconsin, be there! Your presence will be deciding factor in this vote.

Four Democrat representatives who voted for the bill could be strong-armed by Governor Doyle to flip. Please continue to call these legislators and VERY POLITELY thank them for their vote for the bill, and ask them to vote to override Doyle's veto:

Representative Gary Sherman from Ashland, Iron, Bayfield and Sawyer counties
Representative John Steinbrink from the Pleasant Prairie area (608)-266-0455
Representative Terry Van Akkeren from Sheboygan (608)-266-0656
Representative Amy Sue Vruwink from the Milladore/Plover area (888)-534-0070

You can also email them at [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected], and [email protected].

Again, be very positive and polite. We need these people on our side.

Please also call the following Democrat representatives who have committed themselves to voting for the override, and thank them for their principled support:

Representative Barbara Gronemous from the Whitehall area (888)-534-0091
Representative Marlin Schneider from the Wisconsin Rapids area (888)-529-0072
Representative Wayne Wood from the Janesville area (888)-947-0044

When you call these three, be absolutely respectful and friendly. Let them know just how much you appreciate their brave stance on this issue.

The vote is going to be extremely close. We will win or lose by just one vote. Make no mistake, your presence will make a difference.

This is the end of a fight that began almost eleven years ago.

One more time: failure is not an option!

And please pass this on to every friend of freedom that you know.
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