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    Ok, I want a double stack 1911, but I want a long slide, so I was wondering what parts besides the frame would have to be replaced in order to convert a single stack 1911 to double, as well as where I could find them.
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    okay hopefully this should cover this post, and your long slide post. heres your basic choices for a double stack frame-caspian, sti, or para ordinance. slide choices would include sti, caspian, and les baer. then decide what you want in a barrel-non-ramped, or ramped, and if ramped what kind(clark/para-wilson nowlin).to have what you want is going to get expensive. probably the cheapest way to get what you want is to get a complete para ordinance, add a slide and a barsto barrel. small parts can be changed as you go along. fitting the frame to the slide, and the barrel is going to take some work, and patience, but if you are mechanically inclined you can do this yourself with some basic files,lapping compound, oh and i'll mention patience again! get yourself a brownells catalog, and start visiting other sites-most notable are www.1911forum.com, and www.pistolsmith.com. fitting most parts to a 1911 can be described on the net well enough to get you by, but the barrel fitting is something you need to see done, if you dont know anybody that could show you in person, i would recommend getting wilson combat's book and videos on building the 1911-even if you decide against building your own, and pay someone to do it for you the books and videos are still a good investment-you'll learn how every part in the gun works, and gets fitted.:target:
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