wierd m1 gas cyl plug

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    Hi All, new to the forum as you may see. I am in need of information.
    I am trying to service/clean some of our VFW garands and i can't figure out how to get the gas cyl plug off of these, never saw a plug like this.
    The plug is 2 nuts, one looks like a lock nut but when i remove it the other just turns with the screw stud and seems to go nowhere. They also have a blank adapter on them. I don't know if anyone has seen this kind of rig before, but i would appreciate any help i can get.
    Thanks, JohnP
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    Seems you may have an adjustable gas plug. It allows you to adjust the gas pressure if you shoot other than military loads. The increased pressure from commecial ammunition creates more pressure and can damage the operating rod. If you are going to shoot 180 grain bullets they are almost a must.

  3. Google Schuster gas plug and see if that is what you have.

    Could it be one from an M1a??
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  4. johnpem

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    Thanks for quick responses. I looked it up and it does not look like the schuster plug. I made some more observations if it helps..
    the gas cyl lock is removed and there is a blank adapter installed.
    the gas cyl plug top is flush with the gas cyl and from that sticks up a bolt post with 2 nuts. A standard plug it would stick way up because the
    cyl lock is gone if you can visualize.
    I thought it may be a adjustable valve, maybe it is. I just can't see how i can actually unscrew the plug itself, i was guessing there was something like a screw head on the inside of the gas cylinder but i can't see in there that far.

    ok there is a flat heat screw head in the gas cylinder, i hacked up a screwdriver and managed to tighten up the plug, my guess is removing it all together would somehow release the plug, odd but the only way i figure it could come out. Had to get them cleaned and ready for the weekend so i will readdress this another day.
    Thanks Again, JohnP
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