Wife is facing surgery tomorrow morning

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Oxford, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Please pray that my wife's 2nd mascectomy turns out ok tomorrow morning. She had her first one over 20 years ago...and now, because of a large lump found, and continues to enlarge, she's gonna go through this again. She is tough! Much tougher than me. She's shown me how the power of positive thinking has in some way made her feel better. I'm trying...but it's hard to do. We've been married 49 years...and planning our 50th anniv. for next summer.
    Thanks in advance for your prayers.

  2. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Joe. You and your wife are in my thoughts and a prayer is said all goes well with the surgury and a healthy recovery.

  3. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    Prayers will be sent my friend.
  4. texnmidwest

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    Prayers sent Ox. And they will continue to be.
  5. CopperniX

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    prayers sent my friend.
  6. Chris

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    Joe I wish you and your wife the best.

    Please keep us updated.
  7. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Thanks for your prayers. I'm trying to stay positive. She's had three lumpectomy's already on that mammory and this time she said "that's enough"...just take it off. Each lump was benign...so that's gives us some encouragement.

    She's been a volunteer for the American Cancer Society since the first mascectomy and has gone on numerous counseling sessions with other women who were either facing a mascectomy or had already had one. She's done the "walk for cancer awareness" thing many times, and supported lots of women who've been through this. But this time she's the one in need. So thanks for your prayers.

  8. toolman

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    You are in our prayers and in our hearts. If you need anything that I am able to help with, don't hesitate to let me know.
  9. jerry

    jerry Since 03-15- 2002 Forum Contributor

    Thoughts and prayers with your family Joe
  10. grizcty

    grizcty God, Guns, Glory Forum Contributor


    We will be glad to pray for your wife.
    And also for you too.
  11. waterdog

    waterdog G&G Enthusiast

    Prayers sent. God speed.
  12. .22guy

    .22guy G&G Enthusiast

    Prayers sent Ox. Be strong for her.
  13. Joe,
    My Prayers and thoughts for your wife and you.
    The Power of Prayer is Awesome!
    My Prayers for the Doctor and her/his team too!
    Your wife sounds like an Awesome Lady.
    GOD Bless,
  14. BigElkCanoe

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  15. Mooseman684

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    Our Prayers and thoughts are with the Both of you during this...
    God Bless,
  16. May all the angels in heaven bless your wife OX, May she be blessed by God's divine spirit.
  17. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I will pray NOW and in the morning for your Wife Ox!
  18. neophyte

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    Oxford: Sir; we will pray for ''Mrs Oxford", you, family and friends. We will ask our Lord to guide the hands of those working with "Mrs Oxford"; we will ask our Lord for continued strenght; continued understanding; while sharing our continuing love.
  19. Ninja Piper

    Ninja Piper G&G Evangelist

    God speed Mrs. Ox. Prayers sent
  20. Hey Oxford. I'm sorry I'm late. Since it's never too late to pray, prayers gladly said and sent.