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Wild boars

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by taras, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. It's Taras here. Finding this new set up a little harder to use than the way it was before.:( How about any-one else ?
    I would like to hunt wild boar and wondering if my good old Enfield will do the job nicely. Any suggestions on ammo ?
    I never use a scope so will not be shooting any great distance.
    If there any Manitobans out there (or any one else it may interest) were you aware Manitoba has wild boar ?
    Some escaped from a private game reserve and are breeding like bunnies. Especially in the area around Russell, south to Foxwarren.Personally I saw a few around Binscarth, which seems to have the most friendliest land owners, who are more than happy to give permission to hunt what to them are nuisance animals.
    Check first but apparently there is no limit for possesion, but I believe it's one a day. You no longer need a big game hunting license just a valid possession or aquisition cert.
    Good luck, good hunting.
  2. TomS

    TomS G&G Newbie

    Hmmm, old dogs new tricks. I'm on another Enfield forum with this layout, takes alittle getting used to but I like that you can skim "headlines" without seeing whole thread if it's not of interest. It also allows you to see who responded last to each "headline". Never shot boar, but would love to some day. I went after bear in New Hampshire w/.303, straight copper jacket ball. Remington was making a rounded soft lead .303 hunting round I don't know if they still do. It would probably do wonders on boar except I have heard they have very thick skulls. The problem I had with the hunting Remington was that it did not upload well making sucessive shots difficult. Thats fine with deer, but boar I understand can be VERY nasty. Maybe a double tap load, first one soft nose with a follow up copper jacket if needed. Good luck, let the board know how you do.

  3. There are plenty of folks whom take bears with the 30-06.Since the .303 is in the same class more or less,it should do fine for wild boar.Also,remington does still make a good hunting softpoint hunting load.
    The .303 should be a fine cartridge for any game animal on the face of the earth short off hippo and elephant. I can only say that I would be willing to bet both my life and my hunt on this round.
  4. Tony @ WCG

    Tony @ WCG G&G Newbie

    The 303 is excellent for Boar and Deer hunting. I personally use handloads with the 180 grain round nose Remington Core Lokt bullet over a favorite charge of AA2520 or IMR4895 with a velocity in the 2350 fps area. This will not blood shot the meat but has more than enough energy to drop them in their tracks (from my experience). For hunting with the 303, I have really become a fan of the Remington Core Lokt as it performs beautifully unlike some other 303 bullets. For ranges over 150 yards, I bump up the velocity up to 2450 fps.
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  5. Mico

    Mico G&G Newbie

    Taras, where is this taking place?
  6. sniper

    sniper G&G Newbie

    Taras, I have hunted and shot lots of moose with a 303 using 180 grain bullets no problem! If anything a 303 might be a hair big for wild boar.Good Luck!

  7. I'm not sure what you are asking ? Do you mean where are the boars ? Russell, Binscarth, St.Lazare, Foxwarren etc are located in western Manitoba southern central region.
    Just south of Lake of the Prairies, and 6 miles east of the Saskatchewan border. It is slightly west of Riding Mountain National Park ( the one shaped like a pistol )
    If that is what you were wondering then I hope I answered your question. Although a little pricey, The Russell Inn is a 5 star hotel/motel, that offers a lot of guide services etc, and probably would provide the name of land owners in the area. The agriculture office will also give the name and location of land owners as well as where many boars have been sighted, or are a problem.
    Hope this helps;

  8. Jeremy

    Jeremy G&G Newbie

    hummm.......interesting, thanks for the tip taras. wouldn't mind trying wild boar, god knows i have to get rid of some of this .303 i have.
  9. You never really said how far south in Manitoba you are. I would suggest you contact a local conservation officer, the piggies may be closer to you than you think. From what I hear they are not always that easy to spot as they don't stray too far from their food especially a free meal. there's a lot of old graineries etc, which offer food and shelter.
    Try your local conservation officer, then call up the toll free gov.Man. dept. of nat. resources in the back of the phone book.The info may vary, as some local boys have little or no training, and often if they don't know the answer they make one up ( or thats been my experience). Also you are supposed to report where the boar was taken and this is recorded with nat. resources. Who knows maybe I'll see you out there. Good luck.
  10. Mico

    Mico G&G Newbie

    Thanks, Taras! Yes, that's what I meant. I would love to get up there for a chance at these critters with my SMLE, but that's just too far from Michigan and is going to have to wait. :-(

  11. Mico, I know we are not supposed really endorse products, but I don't think this counts, as it is just for information. See if you can get your hands on a North American Hunting Club magazine. They have a section where people are trading hunts. Seeing how there is no real season, perhaps you can trade a hunt and accomadations in your area for your local game, in exchange for hunting and accomadations for any species here, with wild boar being your alterior motive. It's worth a shot. Not sure but I think the mag. may be by subscription only, but libraries may have it, and they do send out trial issues. Good luck.