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Yeah, it's me again. I was thinking of how little attention has been given to developing a substantial capacity detachable magazine shotgun, partly due to the precedent of ruling individual ones like the USAS-12 a DD, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking. And the rotary bolt operation of the Winchester 1300 got me thinking of a possibility...

One limitation of these shotguns is the magazines. Double stack would be way too wide for any sane receiver, and single stack mags are pretty dang high. And drums would be pretty tough to use with the rimmed shells, especially if they had a feeding tower.

The USAS-12 had an mag well open at the sides and the bolt basically stripped the round on the edge of the drum. I was thinking, with a rotary bolt shotgun like the Win 1300, could someone perhaps cut away the sides of the receiver so that a mag wider than the receiver could fit inside? Like right beneath the slide bars? Perhaps fortify the receiver on the outside with steel braces?

Or maybe builtd a new shotgun design using the Win 1300 bolt and barrel for a sound lockup?

Just crazy ideas...
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