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    I'd call myself a bit of a naturalist, and I don't mean of the nudist variety. May as well call me an honourary Indian as I lived with one for 8 years,and I still camp,pick medicine, I do somewhat follow the native traditional ways and believe in a lot of those cures, and just generally enjoy the bush country with her and her family. Where I live I don't have to travel far to find most things that grow wild, but a lot of people are surprised what grows in their own backyards.
    Try this out for a tasty free for nothing dinner;
    3-4 Prairie chickens stuffed with wild rice and wild sage
    1/2to3/4 lb of wild mushrooms
    2 cups wild carrots (if you can find them) or use regular
    1 lb wild potatoes or reg. cubed up same as carrots
    sprinkle a pinch of wild ginger on top salt and pepper
    Place in large roaster with tight fitting lid. Add just enough liquid to cover vegetables. I prefer milk fresh the farm without the cream removed yet.
    Place on top of campfire coals, and cover with coals. Go fishing for a couple hours and return to your campsite for one real fine supper. You could cook it at home I guess but that would'nt be half as much fun!;)
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