Wild Pig, or Boar.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ManlyTexan, May 3, 2008.

  1. ManlyTexan

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    Over run with wild pigs or boar. What is the best gun to use?
  2. neophyte

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    ManlyTexan: Sir; me and my shooting partner:09::09: If it weren't so darn far we could and would help you "thin" your herd:) dadgumit
    Chase them with handguns. .357 or .44. Ruger would be the make:09:

  3. Sooner Shooter

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    I'd love to have property to hunt that's overrun with hogs! My preference on caliber would be just a small caliber deer rifle with at least 100 grains for small hogs. Big hogs 150 or more........243------30/06
  4. Midas

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    Any of your deer rifles will work
  5. Farmer

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    Fir the last few years my place has been heavy with hogs. Me and A shooting buddy if mine have dealt with most at about a hundred a year.

    I use a 223 he uses a 22-250, but we have many years experience and are confident with shot placement and rarely shoot aver 150 yards. Very few get away, but a 243 is probably better, especially if longer range is normal.

    This is a 40 pound hog from 30 yards with 55gn softies.
    Warning - Graphic photo
  6. neophyte

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    Farmer: Sir; that hawg has been shot? :) Not much 'food' meat spoiled:)
    Good posting and thanks for the picture:34::)
  7. Windwalker

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    ManlyTexan, what is the average size of the hogs there and what will be the average range and the maximum range you will be shooting? If they run from 50 lbs. to l50 lbs. any of your deer rifles should be adequate. If you have some of the 450 lb. wild boars you might need one of the larger magnums, a.35 cal., or a 45-70 especially if you are going to be hunting on the ground where he could get to you.
  8. forgunsandgame

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    Any deer rifle that you shoot accurately will work just fine. A bullet right behind the ear generally drops them right where they're standing.
  9. Steve

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    Mr. texan i live in southeast ok probably not to far from you and if you will let me know where you live by pm i will be glad to come down and bring a few of my rifles for you to try out and help you delute the hog population on your property also.
  10. I wish we had wild hogs in maryland...
  11. meatloaf

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    Man I wish I had that problem. How close are you to them when you take a shot? The only bore hunting I have done is in florida, and the average shot is 30 yards. We used 12 gauge shot guns with slugs followed by OO buck. If you missed with the slug and they charge OO buck will sit them down quikly. One guy used a 45, but one pig the bullet ricochet of the pigs head and it was pissed, My dad took the pig out with the shot gun as it was charging. Talk about adreniline rush whootm those things are scary when they charge.
  12. ManlyTexan

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    Thank you ALL for the replys. I have a 30-30 Winchester that is a hand me down, and I killed my first deer with it, but it is old and I didin't want to use it. I've been an the market for a new rifle and I think I've come up with the one I want. .308. I love shooting a simi, and have decided on a DPMS. I also have a S&W model 29 and a Colt Trooper III. Yes, I have used those on the Hogs.... have about a 50% kill rate. I have pasture land boarded by trees.. 300 Acres.. with cattle. So, I have to be carefull of the shots, and most of the time hunting is done at night. I really wouldn't call them wild bores.. more like wild pigs... some weighing 150 lbs+. They are a TRUE Pain and wreck hell on the land... pits, trenches.. craters. I don't think I want to eat one. Nasty creatures.
  13. toolman

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    Hey guy, I hunt 'em out near Hamlin on my FIL's place. I've been using a Mosin Nagant and a 24-47 Mauser with excellent results. We see quite a few in the 300+ range tho.
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  14. billy

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    hey cap'n tool,
    can i come?
    i hear it's ok to have guns in texas and i have 1 or 2.............
  15. toolman

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    Well come on down, buddy!:drive:
  16. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    will it be ok if i bring about 15 rifles and 6 or 7 handguns?

    maybe i'll go pig hunting for my vacation.
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  17. toolman

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    As long as you bring plenty of ammo for all of them, you're welcome in the Lone Star!
  18. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i could prolly scare a coupla rounds up.....
  19. riverrat

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    ManlyTexan, I live about 45 miles north of austin and have taken dozens of hogs with my marlin 30-30. Have also killed 5 or 6 at close range with my CZ-52 pistol. I love hog meat. Not much in the way of ribs, chops, or bacon, but you cut them loins out and slice up the rest for gut sausage ( jalapeno cheese is my favorite) and get some pan sausage made for gravy and spaghetti. Them wild pigs are pretty good eatin'.
  20. samuel

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    I just saw an article on the history channel where pigs/hogs are taking Texas over.They think the pigs are a throw back to monster wild hogs.I got the impression they might be about to take the government over. sam.