Wildcat Cartrigde, 6X25 mm

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Benny, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Benny

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    Hey guys, I had an idea for a wildcat cartridge let me know what you think. Would it be possible to take a 7.62X25 pistol cartridge and neck it down to say a .243 (6mm). I figured something like that would be a good varmint round and wouldn't be too overbearing. Any thoughts on this?

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    7.62 x 25 rifle

    I built an intermediate m98 mauser into a 7.62x25 rifle about two years ago and I'm still playing with it. I've been able to get 2200 fps with 125gr nosler ballistic tips, 2450 with 110gr hornaday spire points, and almost 2600 with 100gr short jackets. Accuracy at 100 yds is under one inch with all three bullets. I've been experimenting with necking it down to other calibers but I haven't had much luck. The most promising has been 7mm and 6.5 mm but there isn't much of a neck on this cartridge to work with. I've been trying to get it necked down to .264 using .223 cases and making the neck a bit longer, this looks very promising. If you'd like to try this in .243, I'd recommend using .223 cases and forming them in a 7.62 x25 die then trimming them with a long neck. You'll end up a bit over 25mm long but you'll have the same powder capacity as the 7.62x25. This is not a cheap undertaking by any means, I've invested a few thousand dollars in my studies thus far with the 7.62 tok. cartridge. thanks, geberl.