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    Dookiebutt: Sir; that is incredible. Who would have though something like that in the wild:34:I just knew that the husky was too be eaten.:)

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    WOW that brightens my day! that just astounding!
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    Reminds me of Rodney King. "Can't we all just get along". Those are amazing photos.
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    nice, huskey tastes like chicken ???
  5. Incredable !!! Things like this amaze me.

    One day last week a baby squirrel and a baby rabbit played there little hearts out in my back yard.
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    I had a similar experience while caribou hunting years ago. A friend and I flew out of Iliamna on a chartered float plane to hunt mulchatna caribou for 13 days.

    Upon landing we notice that the previous hunters had left a messy camp, leg bones and the like laying about, some garbge in the firepit etc. Of course there are fresh brown bear tracks through the camp.

    We cleaned up camp propmtly and had a fire to burn what would burn. Set up out tent and got squared away. Darkness fell and my hunting partner had to use the latrine. Off he goes headlamp alight and T.P. in hand.

    While he was at the latrine, I was in my sleeping bag reading a book. Suddenly I hear him yelling
    " Lawrence ! Get your gun, quick!"
    I say, "what is it?".
    He replies" I don't know, but it is big and coming straight for me!"
    Oh crap ! I thought this is going to be ugly and it is only the first night !
    I burst out the tent in my shorts with .30-06' in hand and start running towards him. He was somewhat close to camp when I saw him and his headlamp shining onto the tundra about 60 yards away, two beady eyes reflecting in the light and moving quickly toward us. I started to raise my rifle ( I chambered a round as I stepped out of the tent) and it didn't take but a second for me to notice how close together and how near to the ground the eyes were. It can't be a bear I thought.

    The quickly approaching "I don't know but it is coming straight for me" critter, was a young red fox on his nightly rounds, which happened to go through our campsite !

    After I was finished laughing and my partner had cleaned up, we got to watch this unafraid fox as it made it way through camp and on into the night.

    Early the next morning we headed out to look for caribou toward the west end of the lake we landed on. We sat on a small, flat rise to glass for animals when a few minutes later this young fox appeared and came straight toward me. It was totaly unafraid and curious. I was curious and appreciative to experience this wild animal so close. But not entirely unafraid.

    Foxes are the main carrier of rabies in alaska so I was a little concerned about proximity. While i was sitting on the ground, rifle across my lap and pointed at the fox... just in case. The fox came within a mere 4 feet before I made a motion causing it to stop. Like a puppy or playful dog does, it lowered its front end wiggling its rear playfuly. Cool ! Nearby was a golfball sized rock. I picked it up and rolled it across the tundra, the fox chased it down and brought it back ! It would drop the rock and run around a bit giving me a chance to pick up the rock again and roll it once more! We did this a few times. Then it decided to play with various twigs and small plants etc. right in front of me. This went on for about 30 minutes when we decided we needed to "shoo" it away and get on with our hunt that day.

    A few days later we discovered that we were sitting about 30yards from the foxes den on the southern slope of the rise we stopped on. The den was home to that 1 young fox and the vixen. The vixen was wary but not afraid or skittish as she traveled by on her hunting excursions.

    We saw these foxes frequently during this hunting trip and really enjoyed having them around. I was quite surprised and very thankful that such behavior was exhibited by the fox.

    I have pitures on slide film of the first "play" episode. If I manage to somehow get them transfered to digital I will share them.
  7. Wow what an amazeing story. thanks for shareing it with us...A.H
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    Great stuff!! Thanks.
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    Great story AK.
    I got this in an e-mail. Don't know where this was taken at or by whom. Cool picture though.
  10. Man I love hearing this type pf stuff. This is great!!!