Will a spark ignite a ww 3?

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  1. North Korea/South Korea/United States
    China/Taiwan/United States
    Venezuela/Colombia/United States
    Iran/Israel/United States
    Iraq/Afghanistan are ongoing.
    I wonder what the global elite are planning on? If you buy into the conspiracy theory of the global elite thinning the population.
    World economies are in a shambles.
    Us economy is broke.
    So much more it's hard to mention in 1 thread.
    When or if a spark ignites these problems, what will happen to the US?
  2. Mmmm,

    it is not WW3 we have to fear.

    The National Security Agency (NSA) has better defined the problem. America is no longer the superpower it once was therefore the balace of power has shifted. Now it is the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) scenario with which we live. None of the five (that includes America) can really take out any other member of the five without collapsing the world economy.

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    Here's a possible scenario...
    An "international incident" happens along either the border with Texas or Arizona and Mexico. The government refuses to respond and so the State where it happens, and it's citizens, take it upon themselves. The government then sends in the National Guard, not to secure the border, but to control the State and its citizens.
    Responding to the National Guard being deployed, Mexico sends it's military to the border along with pledges of aid from Venezuela and Cuba. The drug cartels, seizing the moment and with the aid of Hezbolah, set off a few car bombs on the National Guard. The US government, under the excuse of not wanting to inflame the situation, still does nothing.
    The result is a citizen's revolt and the next civil war; with Mexico and Cuba waiting for the opportunity to seize portions of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and at least half of California and Florida.
    With the US distracted by this, Iran nukes Israel and sets off WW III. Russia and China go with the oil and, with their support, Iran takes over Iraq. The US and coalition troops, cut off from support, are picked off piece-meal and Afghanistan falls to a Soviet supported Taliban in return for mineral rights. North Korea invades South Korea. Mexico and Cuba, with Venezuelan finances and arms, invade the US and seize the land mentioned earlier. The US refuses to use nukes, but others have no restraint and major cities of the US are reduced to radioactive rubble. Cuba withdraws but remains in control of Florida and nearly all the Caribbean Islands with Venezuela controling now all of what used to be Central America including the Panama Canal.
    How's that for a future?
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    You'l notice the common factor in all the above situations is us.(with trhe exception of india /=ackistan). Maybe we should leave these little dumps to their own devices. Is there a country on earth that could mount a real assault on the USA? (Except mexico, apparently)
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    Fox News,Bolton sez the Russians and Iran will be installing the rods in their power plan makeing it nuclear some time this week and Israel must strike before that occurs or it will saturate the surrounding area with radio active debris.
    "Saturate the surrounding area",hmmmm,now why would that concern Israel?:147:
  6. Rave

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    Hmmmm,two days after Bolton sez the Russians are going to install the fuel rods in Iraqs power plant and the Israelis must strike before then all the "combat units" are pulled out of Iraq during the night to Kewait leaving about 50,000 in Iraq.
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    This would make a great freaking movie!
  8. This sounds like a Tom Clancy novel,
    You should write a book DW fan
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    I started digging my fallout shelter today...:wall:
  10. DaTeacha

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    Close, but it's Iran, not Iraq, that is starting up their power plants. Iraq is pretty much between the two, which means the rest of your post is pretty accurate - I wouldn't want to be there at this point in time. Our troops who are there are not supposed to be combat forces, but that doesn't mean they'll just stand around and watch if things get cooking again.

    Personally, I think a strike by Israel is the most likely next hot topic for the evening news. The renewal of face to face talks by the Palestinians works nicely as a decoy, making Israel think about achieving peace on that front while Iran is secretly preparing to refine the spent fuel they are soon going to be producing into weapons grade material. The Israeli's have been lead down the primrose path so often by their neighbors that I can't conceive of them ever believing anything that is said or written, no matter how formal the accord may be. Remember, for some segments of the Muslim world, deceit of infidels is not only acceptable, it is almost required, especially if it helps you achieve your goal. The Israeli's know this, and the Arabs know they know it, so both sides are sitting there making nice smiles while preparing for the other one to draw.
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    Iran unveils 'ambassador of death' bomber - World news - Mideast/N. Africa - Iran - msnbc.com

    Well, Israel better do it quick. I don't care if it DOES suck. It would STILL be enough potential to make things rather nasty over there.

    *Edit* DANG IT!! IT SORT of looks like a TOMAHAWK MISSLE!!!
  12. Yawn,

    as I have been posting to this topic and others the whole thing is really a big non event.

    They are loading the uranium as I post and the Obama administration is
    publicly telling the Israeli government it would take at least a year for the Iranians to develop any useful military grade material.

    So, just understand it is all the same old yap-a-doodle from our political nothings in leadership positions.
  13. SKS NOOB

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    I'm sure when President Bill Clinton and George II were in office they thought the same way before 9/11. Better to be concerned and keep a real eye on it than just ignore it.
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    i really wont be suprised if civil war breaks out within my lifetime (me being 22 ive got quite a bit of time hopefully) to me it just seems like america is being split right down the middle with people who want the government to give them more and the people who want the government to back the eff off and quit micromanaging citizens lives

  15. Hey Rave was'nt it said in one of these reports that russians will remain on site to make sure Iran does'nt use what ever they need from this nukular power plant to make a bomb(s) ???

    EDIT ::: I know some here get tired of reading what I'm about to say. The world is in turmol and the Bible fortels of events such as were seeing today. It could be likely were liveing in the last days.
    Please give this some thought because anything Bad can happen today, overnight. Just that quick.
    Please go on and prepare yourselves for the comeing of Christ, many of you know what to do.
    Think of your family and friends...You will not be able to endure whats comeing no matter how much you prepare for it.

    Jesus endured alot to save you, please don't turn him down. He said Who so ever believe's on my name and confess's with there mouth shall be saved.
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  16. Huey Rider

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    It kinda resembles our old Snark missle from the early '60's. I'm not so sure they have the guidence and command/control capabilities for it to do what they claim it can.
  17. DWFan

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    I thought the same thing when I saw it...a Snark on steroids.
  18. Hi SKS NOOB

    Well, ignore the situtation is exactly what has been going on since Iran purchased the first centrifuge. Lots of silly big talk but no real action.
    Iran has purchased over one billion dollars of military material and upgrades from Russia so they are, in reality, a customer Russia will protect in the international arena.

    As for Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, and Obama they are not men of planning and action. They are all about reaction then keeping up the reaction when the whole world knows the reactive policy is a failure. We are eight years into two of their failures at present.