Will Charlton Heston Have To Give Up His Guns?

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    I would like to first appolagize for torquing you all off so eearly on a sunday morning.....to me this is so freaking wrong!!!!!!! if this happens the anti-gun groups will be partying in the streets.... I also believe if this happens that its time to call mexico and work out a deal...they get half of the state we get the other...we all meet at the boarder say noonish tuesday?

    Will Charlton Heston Have To Give Up His Guns?
    By Bryan Curtis
    Posted Friday, August 9, 2002, at 3:44 PM PT

    Charlton Heston

    Actor Charlton Heston announced today that he has symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Heston is the president of the National Rifle Association and owns firearms. If he is diagnosed with full-blown Alzheimer's, will he have to give up his guns?

    Yes. This section of California state law requires that anyone who represents a threat to others because of a mental disorder or illness can't own a firearm. The state also denies gun ownership to those suffering from any kind of grave illness. For Heston to lose his Second Amendment rights, a court would have to find that he has a grave illness or represents such a threat.

    Here's how the process would work: If Heston's doctor suspects him to be unfit, California law compels the doctor to tell the local district attorney's office. The DA would then file a motion to revoke Heston's gun ownership rights. A judge would make the final call, after consulting with Heston's physician and, in most cases, another doctor of the judge's choosing.

    If a judge found Heston unfit, the actor would have two options: surrender his guns to authorities or legally transfer their ownership to someone outside his house. (Giving the guns to his wife might still put them within his reach.) Heston's name would then be added to the state's Armed Prohibited Persons File—a list of California residents who bought their firearms legally but have since been judged unfit to keep them. That means Heston would be prevented from legally purchasing another firearm. The bill creating the no-gun file went into effect Jan. 1 and was initially supported by the NRA.

    Next question?

    Explainer thanks Hallye Jordan of the California attorney general's office and Tim Rieger of the California Department of Justice.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Heston ain't gonna give up anything he doesn't want to! And he d a m sure won't let some liberal judge take them! As wise a man that he is, he probably already has a plan for this. If he gets too bad the guns will wind up in the NRA museum. I am so sad about this I could cry... :(

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    Well this is the way it works, this is how Heston would have it wanted, show that he is no different than you or I. If we were said to have the same thing, wouldn't you want to know that you will not cause harm?

    This saddens me, but I think Charleston Heston supports this, as any normal conservative person would want the best. His firearms are so grand, it would kill me to see them go, I personally love his Thomas Jefferson set as they are such fine pieces. Lets all pray that he does not have it, at the moment they are still un sure.
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    This is indeed a tragedy if it's true. But doesn't he have another option; move to another state. That would be my first Course of Action if I lived in the PRK.
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    There's certain conditions when it's time to fold up your cards.

    Changing states doesn't alter one's state of mind.
    If/when a person becomes unable mentally to be responsible for his actions, that is a terrible blow for him, his family, and friends.

    However, I don't want to be the victim of someone who isn't responsible for his own actions nor do I want to be allowed to injure someone else should that mental condition ever happen to me.

    That said, automobile drivers who become afflicted with epilepsy, and other adults who become mentally incompetent, for whatever reasons, need to be prevented from unintentally injuring innocent bystanders.