Will not turn himself in until...

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    Can you BLANK"N beleive this.

    I just heard that the Philly 76's point gaurd Allen Iverson has a warrant out for his arrest and he IS in his home and the POLICE KNOW he is in there, but he won't turn himself in because..and get this.. his lawyer is on vacation and will not be back until Tuesday and that is when A. Iverson will turn himself in!?!?!


    Then why couldn't they wait to beat and pepper spray the other two fellas of color earlier this week - does ya think they are getting alittle touchy about the subject - or is his "fame", "MONEY" and all that have more to do with it?

    I wanna know! - why wait till Tuesday - get some "live" practice in!
    Crash the joint - isn't that what they would do to anyone else?

    or have I just gotten into the Coors original too early and need to run 'round naked out in the sticks?
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    I'd just keep my attorny on vacation. Im sure that for alll of us the police will give us pleanty of time to arrange our affairs and get things in order before we turn ourselfs in...I realy see no need for police cars any more I mean If we would all do the right thing and turn ourselves in (During regular busniess hours of course) then the police could ride mopeds and just meet us at the station in the morning (excludeing nights weekends and holadays). I know if I was faceing some major play time with bubba and the boys I would turn myself in when I got a chance.

  3. Stopper

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    you and me both - I just can't see all our tax dollars going for another cop car or another tactical unit, why build jails, we'll all turn ourselves into the nearest motel 6.
  4. wes

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    I think it's nice that the Police are being so reasonable,do you think it will be a trend for everyone?
  5. Chris

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    They would tell me to come out or suck tear gas!! Why not the same for everyone...
  6. I think we all know the answer to this one....anyone wanna speculate?

    OK.....OK....I will!

    One, inner Philadelphia is like inner Cincinatti.....inner St. Louis....inner L.A. One wrong move an ya got yerself a riot.

    Two, this isn't a matter of justice and taking Iverson in...it's a matter of taking a person of color with money and fan support in. And the authorities know that Iverson has the money to keep his Attorney screaming and kicking.

    Three, Philadelphia hasn't outlived the Philadelphia Seven from the early 70's (for those too young they were seven cops on the take and got fed time for it).

    Four. it was just a few months ago they had a so-called Police abuse situation that involved a person of color.

    Five, very few cities, Philly included, don't have the right hand media coverage to say what is right and wrong....just what will get sensationalism.

    My point, like it or not,...if you're a person of color you get the breaks now. (and, talking from many first hand experiences...being a person of color anymore DOESN'T mean you are Aisian, Latino, Indian....well, you get the point).

    If it were anyone else they'd have raided the house by now and it'd be over with.

    Philadelphia, as with all major inner cities, are walking on their tippy toes when it comes to anything that could be claimed to be racial.

    I, fer one, am **** sick of it, too!
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Thats one house that deserves the "Waco"treatment fer sure!
  8. oneastrix

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    In TX, we'd dress up in black, say good mornin' with a flashbang introduce your tail to the Spec Ops boys, and bring you out. They're so chipper early in the mornin'!
  9. BattleRifleG3

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  10. A few days ago Iverson kicked his wife out of their house, naked, and as she was leaving he broke windows in her vehicle with rocks.

    The Police later found blood in her vehicle but was unsure at the time if it was her's or Iverson's.

    In the wee hours of the morning Iverson and his Uncle went to another Uncle's apartment and forced their way in, at gun point, demanding to know where his wife was.

    They expect to charge him with at least four counts including, assault, use of a deadly weapon, terroristic tactics and criminal trespass.

    When the Police had all the facts, as they knew them, they went to pick Iverson up. He refused to come out of the house because his Lawyer was on vacation in Europe.

    So, in their infinate wisdom the Philadelphia authorities (whoever they are) decided to allow Iverson to remain in his house until his Attorney gets back from vacation.

    So, there it is in a nutshell.

    Now, one thing I found interesting is that, unless Philadelphia has a World Power Government, a Police Department, City Attorney, Mayor, etc. could not impose a house arrest which can only be done as sentencing by a Judge,

    But, that's essentially what they did (again, who, I'm not sure) when they told Iverson he could wait until his Attorney returned but he had to remain in his house....otherwise be arrested if he came out.
  11. Big Dog

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    Sounds like Deja vu all over again! (Apologies to Yogi) Remember O.J., and the worlds slowest car chase. Money and fame have their uses.
  12. Stewart

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    I don't think it has anything to do with color, or inner city wherever. If you have money and or are famous that's what gives you the breaks. I can think of hundreds of examples where if a "regular person" had done what some of the richer and famous had done they would be under the prison. Money and fame equals preferred treatment.
  13. Calvin

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    Money may not buy happiness, but it will sure get you everything else, right? If only Robert Blake had been paying attention to O.J. Simpson........
  14. jerry

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    wife tells me the scum lawyer is back in town and bail is set. Sorry don't know the amount.
  15. Eric

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    hmmmm, so all you have to do these days is win the lottery and THEN 'get rid' of your EX...lol!
  16. Stewart,

    Gimme a break now and please don't treat me like I just got off a deserted island.

    Do you really think that the city of Los Angeles and their finest woulda put together a riot team and plans to match no other if it were anyone other than O. J. waiting for a verdict?

    Do you really think the riots in LA woulda happened if Rodney King were, say, Asian?

    Do you think the near riots recently in Cincinnatti woulda happened if they shot, say an person from India?

    Do you think the riots in Philadelphia a few years back woulda happened if the cops had hassled, say an Irish lady?

    Do you think the riots in Detroit in the late seventies woulda happened if the issue was, say people of hispanic heritage?

    Except for O. J. the others had not the money he had, or that you refer to. Their fame came as the result of ....well.......because.

    You might not like what I wrote but I write from the perspective of what I am used to seeing and what has been apparent over the years.

    Were there riots when Waco fell? No...and there was even the issue of children and women.

    Did the Indians riot when Means took a bite......no.

    Did Texans riot when a lone killer was killed at the tower at the University of Texas in Austin? No.

    I doesn't take a John Deere mechanic to see what gets news media attention and who has the loudest voice, even if some might not admit it.

    Call my thinking radical if you wish but, like I said in my original post, I have learned from past experience that the scale of justice is surely tipped at times.

    'Nuff said.
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  17. Stopper

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    Roger that Dale!!